OOTD: Manhid

Since I got a chance to have someone take outfit photos, I’ll take this opportunity to post about an OOTD worn on the day my husband and I watched Manhid: Pinoy Superhero Musical.


I really liked how this turned out. The whole combination of well-fitting dress (Paperdolls) + black stockings + slouchy boots (S&H) seem really put together, and was actually quite comfy. In addition my husband looks quite dashing here as well!

FOTD: Purple Lips

In the ultimate attempt to step out of my comfort zone, I bought a purple lipstick from Colourpop called and Grind. I finally had enough courage to wear it out and here is the result.


It’s… actually not bad? It’s definitely purple, but it doesn’t seem to be as strange as I thought it would be. It actually looks like a fun color! The finish is very matte, and perhaps a little drying.


I really thought it would be a lot lighter than this, considering the arm swatch I posted earlier.


The strange thing is, it looks quite pink when I took a shot in the sun. Perhaps it’s the shadow/lighting aspect?


In conclusion, purple lips aren’t such a strange or bad thing!

The Sunday Currently #10

Welcome to another of my sparse Sunday Currentlies!


Finished rereading books #2 and 3 of Jim C. Hines’ Princess Quartet (Mermaid’s Madness and Red Hood’s Revenge respectively), and slowly getting through the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Omnibus, by Richard Carlson. I find that reading two to three entries at a time is a great pace, and it really helps that idea of calming down and letting go of inconsequentials.

sc10-3 sc10-4

I also sat down and finished Neil Gaiman’s The Sleeper and the Spindle in one go, and for good reason. It’s just.So.Good! It kinda ties in to my current reading of fairy tale retellings, and this one with the good old Neil Gaiman twist. If you read his Dream Hunters illustrated book (illustrator: Yoshitaka Amano) the style is kind of similar, but with Chris Riddell as artist. The book itself is beautiful, with a nice dust cover style that has part of the art that works with the actual book cover.


Still more journal entries. I think I already got the hang of the everyday writing, and I am immensely enjoying it. I am also on a quest to finish my current journal book (black lined Moleskine) by the first week of March. Hopefully by that time, I will receive the Alunsina Kislap refillable journal that I finally ordered. I’m so excited that I wanted to practice a new planner format. I didn’t get the planner books from Alunsina because they have that Saturday/Sunday bias; I just got a couple of blank books to draw my own layout in. Here’s the one I came up with, made with the blank back page of a BDJ Forget-Me-Not Ideas Journal pad and washi tapes. I’m so far liking it!


I also started a Reading Journal – basically chronicling the books that I read and what I think about them. I wish I had started this much earlier in life! Think of all the books I’ve read!


A play called Manhid: Pinoy Superhero Musical. I first saw this play in an amateur showing at my high school and loved it. It was apparently co-written by the Eraserheads, how cool was that! Now it’s coming to the big stage, presented by Ballet Philippines. My husband and I instantly snapped up tickets the moment it became available! Here’s the show’s blurb by Ballet Philippines:

What price is our freedom? The season ends with the cult dance rock musical MANHID, co-presented by Tanghalang Pilipino. Set in an alternate present day Philippines where the EDSA revolution failed, this musical features heroes and villains with superpowers, and a people sick with Kamanhiran (Apathy). Celebrating a nation of heroes, MANHID promises to be a must- watch event for 2015.

Watched this last night and It.Was.Awesome! Manhid: Pinoy Superhero Musical

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It was beyond awesome! It’s certainly one of the highlights of this year!


I’m an avid supporter of Humble Bundle, particularly their mobile packs. In one of my recent purchases I got Sorcery!, a choose-your-own-adventure type of game where you’re provided choices in the hero’s journey. It’s not your usual fast-paced game. I’m sure I haven’t gotten far but I’m having fun with it! It’s nice that I was also able to get Sorcery! 2 in a later bundle so I have that in line for my next mobile game.


Waffles! My husband and I are currently addicted to waffles, and we are now suki of the Belgian Waffles stall at Glorietta 4 food court. Yum!


My relatively new Nike rubber shoes. I consciously bought a black one so that people will not immediately assume I’m wearing rubber shoes to the office.


It’s apparently not as wholly black as I thought, now that I take a closer look It has some dark camo green accents going on. It’s super comfy though!


My daughter is recently studying about space in her science class, and has come to me for some “space bedtime stories”. Which means me reading to her random topics from this book I had as a child (The Junior Colour Encyclopedia of the Universe, published 1982!). It got me so excited about space and universe things again, and I even beg her sometimes to not sleep yet (on a school night, way to go mom!) and let me read her some more stuff please! Haha, that’s the nerd in me coming out again.

This got me into discussing to her the recent goings-on about the Mars explorations such as Curiosity the rover and the Mars One expedition. Which got me thinking about how exciting the advancement of science is in this regard, and yet how sadly unrealistic the Mars One project really is. Wouldn’t it be nice to see humans on Mars in our lifetime? But this begs the question of, why aren’t we establishing a base on the moon first?


To get my Kislap already (edit: It has arrived!!)! Yes I’m pretty one-track-minded, and I can’t wait to get it!! In the meantime I tried to distract myself with other notebooks and planner goodies. Check out this ridiculous haul. And yet I find myself still wanting more washi tape and notebooks.

I think this is what they call hoarding. 😅

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Happy! I was able to meet with my good blogger friend Kira this week (we had ramen!) and it was nice talking beauty (and other stuff) with her! We even got to look around the famed SM Makati Beauty section.

Ramen early dinner with @kirasworld at Kichitora! Yummy!

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Review: Filed Pen Roller

Once I got into seriously collecting interesting writing materials, I knew I had to get myself a good carrying case or container for them. I had my eye on the Filed Pen Roller for a while, ever since I made the Pocket Wallet my mainstay. As soon as I found a red variant, I immediately snapped it up. I’ve had the case for about a month now, and I’m here to review it for those of you who might be interested.


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Colourpop Haul and Swatches

The brand Colourpop has been recently taking the beauty world by storm. With 5-dollar products it’s really hard to say no. I jumped in the bandwagon and got myself a couple of lipsticks and three eyeshadows. I ordered from Nicolette Makeup (IG) at Php350 each (+shipping fee) and my package has just arrived. Let me show you what I got!


Read on for what shades I got and the swatches.

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February Journaling Challenge Week 1

I’ve upped my paper game this year, and part of it is to write a journal entry every day. So far I am able to do so with fair regularity. I wanted to lean towards something more creative though, so I joined the February Journaling Challenge (by @my_planner) in instagram. This is basically just a set of journaling prompts for each day of February, and I just need to take a photo of each day’s journal entry and upload it to instagram with the hashtag #febjournalingchallengelove.


Here are my entries for the first week.

Day 1. This Month’s Wish

Day 1 of the #febjournalingchallengelove: This month's wish

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Day 2. I Can’t Live Without

Day 2: I can't live without #febjournalingchallengelove

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Day 3. Happiness Is..

Day 3: Happiness is… #febjournalingchallengelove

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Day 4. Pretty Colors

Day 4: Pretty colors #febjournalingchallengelove

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Day 5. On My To Read List

Day 5: On my To-read list #febjournalingchallengelove

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Day 6. Movies I Love

Day 6: Movies I love #febjournalingchallengelove

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Day 7. Pink

Day 7: Pink #febjournalingchallengelove

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I’m loving this challenge so far! My journal has become much more colorful, which was my original intention. These entries are written (or drawn) in my current journal, a black lined Moleskine, using Pilot Frixion Point pens.

Unboxing the Eye of Horus Special Edition Glamourbox

It’s been quite a long while since I wrote one of these (since September, to be exact, for the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox)! The first Glamourbox of 2015 has finally arrived, and this one is an exclusive box pa! Eye of Horus teams up with Glamourbox for an eye-exclusive treat called Eye Love It!

They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. Mesmerize everyone with a little help from cult favorites, as we’ve teamed up with Eye of Horus to help you play up those peepers and achieve the perfect sultry look! Awaken your inner Goddess this summer!


For Php695, anything that Eye of Horus throws in this box is already a winner. Most of their products are at the Php900+ range, so even a single eye pencil will already be sulit. I did not hesitate to grab this box the moment they opened the subscription. Shall we see what’s inside?

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6 Ways to Handle A Blogging Rut

We’ve all been there before. It just doesn’t seem like any ideas you’re coming up with are worth blogging about. Or worse, you’re not coming up with any ideas! How do you deal with it? As I’ve just experienced this being stuck in a beauty blogging rut, let me share with you the six methods I used to address this issue.

Image credits: Juniper & Dash

Image credits: Juniper & Dash

1. Check out my current beauty (and related) products and see if they will trigger some posts. Perhaps a review of a well-used product (or a barely-used one!)? Create lists of some sort (5 favorite red lipsticks; 3 worst face bases I’ve used; etc)? Just looking at existing items can usually inspire some blog posts.

2. Sit down for a quiet brainstorming session. This is the specific method that birthed this post! I just sat down with a notebook and let ideas flow in. It helps to keep distractions at the minimum and just be alone with your thoughts.

3. Read blogs of fellow bloggers for inspiration. I do this almost everyday anyway. I use a feedreader so it’s not very difficult to gather the blogs I regularly read, and I am always notified about any new posts. The idea is to glean inspiration from the bloggers without copying them (que horror!). If you do get inspired by another blogger, why not put in a link to their blog (or even the specific blog post) as tribute?

4. Read my own blog for inspiration. I know, it sounds a bit narcissistic. Reading your previous posts may trigger ideas for follow-up posts or redoing some themes or looks. I usually get ideas from my haul posts and wishlists.

5. Consider blog prompts. There are a lot of blogger tags and prompts going around and you might consider participating in some of them. There is no need to wait for anyone to tag you, just jump right in! I tried out the 20 days of lipstick prompt and immensely enjoyed the experience (and gotten four blog posts out of it!).

6. Don’t post. Yes, you read that right. If you are not feeling the vibe, then just leave the blog be for a while. It’s better to not post than to post half-assed entries. Come back when you feel like writing again. Trust me, it’ll result in better posts!


What are your tricks to deal with blogging rut?

Can I Show You My Babies?

Let me be a proud mom for a moment and show off my beautiful babies to you. In order of “acquisition”:

Daughter T

bna pets8

The only human baby in the bunch! Who is honestly not really a baby anymore, and is turning into quite the young lady. I need not tell you how I “acquired” her, haha! Love this girl!


bna pets7

The first family pet. She has just turned 3. We got her specifically to be my daughter’s companion. She is supposedly a shih tzu-dachsund mix. We did see the shih tzu mom, but we couldn’t verify the dachsund part. She’s a hunter though, so maybe there’s truth in it! We bought her from a seller through what was once Sulit. We didn’t know about shelters back then!


bna pets2

My first rescue. The story is super long, but suffice to say for now that we saw her on the streets in our village wandering alone and decided to take her in before she gets run over. She came with an infected eye, which eventually had to be removed before it threatens her overall health. She is the one that taught me to love cats. She’s now approximately six months old, and is doing quite well for a one-eyed cat.


bna pets3

Second rescue, a mere two months after we took Katkat in. Found in the vicinity of the main street of the village, alone and with a discernible limp. We took him in for the same reason: rescue him before he gets run over. The limp is now gone. He’s definitely too cute, and he knows it! If he likes you he will try to dede on your earlobe. He’s approximately 4 months old.


bna pets1

A beautiful labrador mix that was promised to us since her conception by an aunt. She is the big dog I’ve been wanting to get (before I rescued the cats). Her arrival over the christmas holidays made things pretty crowded at home, but still manageable. She’s now a bit over 3 months old.

Shadow, Trike, and Snow

bna pets4


bna pets6


bna pets5



The latest rescues, found more or less together in the same general area where we found Lucky. No mother in sight, so I decided to take them in even if we’re already pretty crowded. They are tinier than Lucky was when we rescued him, which meant they were not yet weaned when we found them. There is really no discernible difference between the before and after photos, since we rescued them only a couple of weeks ago! They are now on the way to getting integrated with the rest of the family, and is slowly learning to eat solids.

Phew! I now have seven pets (and a daughter), which makes life pretty interesting these days. Follow me on Instagram to see more of these babies!

FOTD: Petal Pusher

My husband’s aunts are here for their almost-regular trip back to the Philippines (they live elsewhere), and we got an opportunity to go out for a sunday lunch with them. One of the aunts have the habit of going around with really interesting eyeshadow work (even at home!). I thought to honor her awesome makeup by going to the lunch with “over-the-top” eye makeup; for me, that is. This was a great opportunity to use my new Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Petal Pusher.


Here is what I came up with. I used the left set of eyeshadows, mainly the eyelid and crease shades. I tried using the definer as an eyeliner, and even tried applying it wet, but it wouldn’t show up. I had to use a different one (Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner).


Here’s a close up of the eyelids. The Maybelline eyeliner really contrasts with the shadows.


This is really quite out of my comfort zone, as I’m mostly used to neutral eyeshadows. If I were to redo this, I would maybe blend a little more and maybe use a transition color between the crease and the eyelid shades. I would love to get feedback from you about this, dear readers! How would you apply such bright colors?