6 Ways to Handle A Blogging Rut

We’ve all been there before. It just doesn’t seem like any ideas you’re coming up with are worth blogging about. Or worse, you’re not coming up with any ideas! How do you deal with it? As I’ve just experienced this being stuck in a beauty blogging rut, let me share with you the six methods I used to address this issue.

Image credits: Juniper & Dash
Image credits: Juniper & Dash

1. Check out my current beauty (and related) products and see if they will trigger some posts. Perhaps a review of a well-used product (or a barely-used one!)? Create lists of some sort (5 favorite red lipsticks; 3 worst face bases I’ve used; etc)? Just looking at existing items can usually inspire some blog posts.

2. Sit down for a quiet brainstorming session. This is the specific method that birthed this post! I just sat down with a notebook and let ideas flow in. It helps to keep distractions at the minimum and just be alone with your thoughts.

3. Read blogs of fellow bloggers for inspiration. I do this almost everyday anyway. I use a feedreader so it’s not very difficult to gather the blogs I regularly read, and I am always notified about any new posts. The idea is to glean inspiration from the bloggers without copying them (que horror!). If you do get inspired by another blogger, why not put in a link to their blog (or even the specific blog post) as tribute?

4. Read my own blog for inspiration. I know, it sounds a bit narcissistic. Reading your previous posts may trigger ideas for follow-up posts or redoing some themes or looks. I usually get ideas from my haul posts and wishlists.

5. Consider blog prompts. There are a lot of blogger tags and prompts going around and you might consider participating in some of them. There is no need to wait for anyone to tag you, just jump right in! I tried out the 20 days of lipstick prompt and immensely enjoyed the experience (and gotten four blog posts out of it!).

6. Don’t post. Yes, you read that right. If you are not feeling the vibe, then just leave the blog be for a while. It’s better to not post than to post half-assed entries. Come back when you feel like writing again. Trust me, it’ll result in better posts!


What are your tricks to deal with blogging rut?

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    1. Me too! Although it’s a bit hard to swallow sometimes, especially when I get overwhelmed by people’s daily posts from my feed reader. I just need to let go and remind myself that it’s okay!

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