After 1 Year of Traveler’s Notebooks

This post is about two months late, but I’d like to share my thoughts after a year of delving deep into the world of traveler’s notebooks.

How It All Started

My very first TN was actually the Alunsina Mini-Kislap, a local maker of beautiful hand-tooled leather journals, and I got it around February of 2015. It was my first foray into traveler’s notebooks. Shortly after that, I got my first Midori (brown passport size). From there it went pretty much downhill.

Settling Into A Preferred Size

At some point around the middle of that first year, I went on a buying spree and basically tried out all the locally produced brands of TN in standard size. It was after doing the write-up that I realized standard size was not really something I was comfortable with. It took me about a month to finally accept that pocket size is my preferred size.

Venturing International

Once I had determined my preferred size, I started looking to try out international brands as well. I was able to try out Speckled Fawns, Zenkraft (although not pocket size), Jot, Chic Sparrow, and Foxyfix. My main conclusion from this is that there are really a lot of leather variations out there, and at this point there aren’t a lot of variety available locally.

My Current Collection

At this point, I really do have quite a lot of traveler’s notebooks of various sizes. I honestly cannot really keep them all in rotation, and while I do need a few to hold my completed journals, I probably have too many for comfort and sanity.

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Happy national notebook day!

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I’m looking at a future downsize at some point. I really need to evaluate my needs against my wants, and whittle down the collection into a more manageable size.


One thought to “After 1 Year of Traveler’s Notebooks”

  1. My first TN was Alunsina’s Big Kislap. I got it late last year and I’m using it now to rekindle my old love for journals. Funny, ’cause it’s pretty much going downhill now for me, too. Initially, all I wanted was to use the Big Kislap and my Starbucks planner for this year but upon realizing that the Big Kislap is… well… too big and heavy for every day use (mine’s even customized to have 5 refills!), I started looking for a personal-sized TN (hence stumbling upon your really really really really awesome blog). So far, I think I’m gonna settle for notedjournalph’s TNs. That is, of course, still excluding the planner I’m looking for for blogging purposes. Lol.

    Journal hauls are the best.

    (PS: thank you for your blog. It’s now my instant reference for journals <3 )

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