Alunsina Graph Insert

My current journal is the Alunsina Graph Insert (pocket sized), which is this cute little notebook with a blue cover. Alunsina’s branding is tastefully done in gold foil.


The back of the cover is just as plain, with only the email address of the company also gold foiled at the bottom.


The paper is cream colored, with grids that are rather on the wider side at 6mm sizing. The color of the lines is in soft brown, which is quite visible but does not detract from the writing. I tested this paper with several types of writing instruments.


Most of these did not really even show through the back, and certainly there are no bleedthroughs. The Sharpie and the brush pen are the ones that showed through the most. This is pretty good since the insert can be used for drawings and lettering. I’d say that the paper is on the lighter side, probably around 70-80gsm.


I also tested it with a Zig Kuretake Fudebiyori brush pen, which is not as fine as my usual brush pens. It actually showed through a bit more than the Sharpie and the Zebra brush pen, and arguably there is a tiny bit of bleedthrough. It does not bother me, and I was still able to satisfactorily use the back of the page.


Overall I’m quite pleased with the Alunsina Graph Insert as my journal. I’m happy that I have a backup, and that it is rather easy to acquire since it is usually stocked at Common Room along Katipunan.


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