August 2015 Writing Challenges

Two of the things I enjoyed the most during the month of August were the two writing challenges that I took up. Both of these were incorporated in my journal insert. The first challenge is the famous #listersgottalist by Cori TheResetGirl.

listersgottalist august2015
Image credits: and Cori TheResetGirl

The idea is that everyday for the month you will be given a prompt and you will list down your answers. A lot of people are enjoying decorating their lists, and have used things like washi tape, Project Life cards, stickers, markers, and other stationery and creative materials. This is actually maybe my third month doing #listersgotta list, but this is the month that I was able to actually complete all of the prompts. Here is a sampling of my answers to the prompts.


This is a pretty simple list, but this is my go-to decoration if I’m feeling lazy. It’s a great way to practice some brush calligraphy at the same time!


Sometimes I do themes, like a shockingly pink one here.


At other lazier times I just print out what I need, such as my Amazon wishlist. Yeah, that’s not my entire list; I just printed out like the first page or something.


One of the things I really like about #listersgottalist is the constant end-of-month prompt of what you accomplish for the month. It’s a great way to look back at things and feel good about what might be a meh month.

The second writing challenge I took up was by Jessica of Pretty Prints and Paper called #PlanWithMeAugust.

Image credits:
Image credits:

There are a lot of ways to do this (just check out the hashtag in Instagram) but I chose to take this as a writing challenge. Basically, I take each prompt and answer it essay form. I was planning to do one a day, and for a while I was able to meet it.


As time went by I got way behind in the prompts, and it piled up. I didn’t really make a big deal out of it since I knew I can just sit down and do a lot of the prompts at once when I do get the time. It ended up happening a lot!


Both prompts were invigorating, and I enjoyed writing down the answers. I loved getting some writing practice, and it even allowed me to be creative at times!

For the month of September I will continue doing prompts. Unfortunately #listersgottalist won’t be one of them, as I feel like I’ve done enough listing for a while. Instead, I hope to finish an extension of Jessica’s prompts now named #PlanWithMeChallenge which of course I will continue to answer essay style, but I’m thinking of adding lists as well. Another challenge I’m taking on is a doodle challenge! It’s by @aina.kristina on Instagram, and the idea is to doodle the responses to the prompts without using other craft tools beyond the pen. Are you tackling any writing challenges for September? Tell me about it!

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