FOTD: Five Minute Face

One of my criteria for packing an everyday makeup bag is that the contents should allow me to put on a face in ten minutes or less. This is a recent look I did that I accomplished in five minutes. Note that this five minutes does not include any prep work (moisturizing, cleansing, etc).


And here are the items I used:

Daiso Eyebrow Pencil; VMV Hypoallergenics Oooh La Lash Volumizing Mascara; Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer; Catrice Absolute Eye Color in Mud Spencer and Coralle Hill; Catrice Matt Mousse Makeup; Canmake Cheek&Cheek; Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop

One of the key techniques for accomplishing a speedy look is to use the one-shadow trick. I used the dark bronze shade in my Catrice palette (swatches here) all over my lid and blended it into the crease to create depth.


I’m really liking this mascara so far! The wand is the thin kind that I like, and the formula isn’t goopy. I look like I actually have lashes! And if I wanted more drama, I would pile on more layers of mascara and that would be okay! (as it is, this is a work-appropriate look)


FOTD: Very Red

Just a quick post about one of the looks I did last week.


Here I used the following items:

Empro Triangular Eye Pencil; Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara; Pixi Mesmerizing Palette in Plum Quartz; Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake; Canmake Cheek&Cheek; Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base; FS Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

The plums aren’t very evident with my glasses on, unfortunately. I still haven’t gotten the hang of my new camera, so it’s also still not evident even with close up shots of the eyes. I used shades number 2 and 5 here (counting from the top).

fotdveryred4n fotdveryred5n

I like the FS Cosmetics Matte Lipstick though! It’s really quite matte, and not as sheer as I had feared from the arm swatch. It’s very office appropriate, and definitely brings on the holiday feel. This convinces me to try out more of their shades!



Pixi Mesmerizing Palette in Rich Gold and Plum Quartz Swatches

Two of my most recent acquisitions are the two latest releases from Pixi Philippines: the new Mesmerizing Palettes in Rich Gold and Plum Quartz. I’ve finally been able to swatch them for you today!

Two new Pixi Mesmerizing Palettes!
Two new Pixi Mesmerizing Palettes!
The back of the palettes showing their shade names.
The back of the palettes showing their shade names.

First let me show you some product pictures. First we have Rich Gold.

As the name suggests, it is comprised of gold and sparkly shades as this is their holiday palette. The first shade (counting from the one closest to the hinge) is almost invisible on me. The second shade is a sparkly rose gold. The third is the star of the show, very foily gold. The fourth is a metallic brown. The fifth is metallic silvery gray. The last shade is a very dark gray with gold flecks. Check out the arm swatches below.

pixipalettes11n pixipalettes12n


Then we go to the Plum Quartz, which I believe is part of their fall release.

Plum Quartz is a more balanced palette in terms of finish. The first shade and second shades are pearl white and pink respectively. The third is a matte dusty purple, which leans very brown. The fourth is a shimmery copper, very close to the last shade in the Copper Peach palette. The fifth one is the star of the show, a vivid dark plum. The last shade is a somewhat matte dark gray. Check out the arm swatches below.

pixipalettes13n pixipalettes14n


I can’t wait to try these out! In particular I’m eager to see the stars of the show (Rich Gold #3 and Plum Quartz #5) in action. These are actually my second and third Mesmerizing Palettes. You can check out my first, Copper Peach, here. Expect to see some FOTDs and also a comparison swatch with all three palettes. Each of these costs Php620 and is available at Glamourbox. Pixi is cruelty-free.

My Eyebrow Brush Collection

Once I became hooked with fixing up my very sparse brows, I started collecting the lower-end eyebrow brush (sometimes called slanted eye brush or angled eyeliner brush) to apply my brow powders. Here are the ones I got so far, presented in no particular order.


1. Shawill eyebrow brush

I got this on a whim when I saw this at a Watsons. Unfortunately it was not very good. The bristles are so stiff and scratchy, and as a result I only ever used this once.

2. (no brand) eyebrow brush

This was included in the Myra BB Cream press kit, and is basically just a black-handled, gold-ferruled eyebrow brush. The bristles are soft, but sheds quite readily when washed. It’s on the short side, so this is very portable.

3. Artist Studio slanted eye brush

This is my first ever eyebrow brush, and still has the original bronze ferrule. The bristles are soft and short, but firm and will create a good line if used as eyeliner. This is still one of my favorites, even if it’s a full sized brush and not very portable.

4. Charm Vegan Angled Eyeliner brush (full sized)

I bought this from Eula at her moving sale. It is a full sized eyebrow brush with the distinctive pink Charm handle and black ferrule, and the bristles are soft yet firm. I like this a tad better than the Artist Studio brush because this feels sturdier and I like the feel of the bristles.

5. Charm Angled Brow Liner brush (travel sized)

This also came from the package I bought from Eula. I think this originally is from the Charm Pocket Brush set, which is a set of eight travel sized brushes in the pink-and-black Charm theme. The bristles are different from the full sized one I have, though, as it is darker in color and softer in feel. Since it’s smaller, it also holds less powder when used so it takes almost twice as long to apply eyebrow powder. It is portable though!

6. Marionnaud N38 Eye brush

Lastly I got this along with the Shawill brush on a trip to Watsons. This is my only double-ended eyebrow brush, and this one comes with a spoolie. The brush itself is quite soft, perhaps the softest one I have. This yields the softest lines of all the eyebrow brushes I have. The spoolie is quite stiff and scratchy though, so that one doesn’t get much use.


None of these are expensive. The full sized Charm brush is the most expensive one, I think, at Php250. What eyebrow brush do you use?

PS. I hope you’re all safe and dry with RubyPH here.

The Sunday Currently #5

I find it a little sad that my new non-sundaycurrently posts so far have been haul posts. Inspiration is coming in, but too slowly for my tastes! I will of course still blame not having my usual camera, and now have to use a very old point-and-shoot for blog photos.


I’m currently on comfort-rereading of one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey. Do you do that as well? I find that when I’m stressed and can’t sleep, I just grab books that I’ve read a hundred times already and just let my mind gloss over very familiar words. I call this comfort-rereading.


I drive quite a lot and I rely on some good driving music to keep me focused and calm. One of my favorite things to listen to are Disney soundtracks. In particular, my always-listens are the soundtracks of Aladdin, Hercules, and Mulan as they are pretty upbeat and the progression of songs really help me reminisce on the movies.


One of my guilty pleasures is watching Radio JH Audrey on youtube. She is a toy reviewer and her videos are pretty fun to watch. The fact that she’s near my daughter’s age is no small matter, and having her brother with her in some videos is adorable too. She has the cutest shirts, and it’s interesting to see her hair dye/nail polish of the week (or something). Here’s a sample video where she opens blind bag dog tags from Big Hero 6. I WANT!


This category is becoming something like the Becoming Sleek Restaurant Recommendation of the week. It’s fine though, as it also gives me a way to track which restaurants we are liking in this point in time. This week’s recommendation is North Park, primarily because it is apparently the first time we brought our daughter there. And she’s very impressed with it! She ate pretty much everything we ordered, which is not usual.


Pets are such a welcome time sink. It’s like having really mostly self-sufficient babies! I did not really think I’d be such a pet-person since I didn’t really grow up with pets. My family is looking forward to a scheduled addition soon. Not rescue this time, as we had been planning this adoption since September. I’m pretty sure I will be talking about her soon!


In this case wishing. For less traffic this season, but who am I kidding. I need to brace myself for hours of traffic, and definitely I need to finish my holiday shopping before it gets any crazier!


Scared. A Yolanda-type storm is practically on top of us, and it’s always quite awe-inspiring to see such terrible works of nature. I hope that we are more prepared this time.

How did you do this week?

Glamourbox VIP Sale Haul

Glamourbox has recently celebrated its second year anniversary, and in line with this they offered a site-wide 20% off sale. In addition to that, long-time clients are invited to a VIP Sale of 30% off. I did not hesitate and grabbed myself some items that had been sitting in my wishlist for a while! Let me show you what I got.


Since they released the Perfectly Pristine box last April, I was in love with the Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel. I really loved how it performed, and since then I put the full sized tube on my wishlist and now I finally have it! It’s a pretty large tube which will take me a long time to finish. Just in time too, as I want to use this to calm down my daughter’s skin irritations recently. This 114g tube costs Php460 normally.

Another item from Aloe Derma that I was interested in is this Super Hydration Booster. I was curious what this does, and as I suspected this is a toner-like product. I have a lot of toners but I wanted to see how this one performs. This 110ml bottle costs Php215 normally.

We now come to the makeup items. The first one is Empro Triangular Brow Pencil. I really like eyebrow pencils, and this is my first one that has an interesting shape to it. I got the shade Brown, which I’m hoping to be dark enough to match my undyed hair. This one costs a remarkable Php975 normally, but it’s currently on sale for Php500!

Lastly we have a pair of Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes! I’m so enamored of my first one, Copper Peach, and as soon as I heard there were other palettes I knew I wanted to collect them. I got the two newest ones available at Glamourbox: the holiday themed Rich Gold, and the plum based Plum Quartz. It’s hard, but I have not even touched them yet except to take these pictures. Of course a beauty blogger will not even swatch items until proper product shots are taken first! Just waiting for a good opportunity. Btw each of these palettes costs Php620 normally.

To be honest that’s not all I wanted to get, but there were some items already sold out (Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms) and some I wasn’t really sure I wanted to get (i.e. they were not originally on my wishlist). Overall though I am quite pleased, and I can’t wait to try them all out! I am definitely reviewing and uploading swatches for the makeup items.

gbvipsale15 gbvipsale16

Happy Anniversary, Glamourbox!


FS Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow and Matte Lipstick

There has been a lot of raves online about the FS Cosmetics local brand, specifically their single eyeshadow system. I’ve been meaning to give the brand a try, and was only recently able to visit one of their counters. They have a nice welcoming counter at the newly reopened and renovated SM Beauty at Makati. The Pink Blush highly recommends the Diamond Champagne shade of the Single Eyeshadow and so I specifically wanted to get that. I also was interested to try their lipstick range, as I saw they had great matte shades. I ended up walking away with these two.


These are Single Eyeshadow in Diamond Champagne as planned, and Luscious Lipstick in Matte Fuchsia. Let’s take a look first at the eyeshadow.

fscosmetics03 fscosmetics04

All FS Single Eyeshadows cost only Php150 each. Very affordable, for such a large pan (4 grams)! It comes in a very basic plastic compact, which does not have either mirror or brush. It’s not really a big deal, considering it’s only Php150. The packaging also looks like this because it is meant to be depotted and transferred into their empty 4-pan palettes which can be bought separately (for Php150 I think?).


The compact opens up simply, and the eyeshadow pan is revealed immediately. Diamond Champagne is a very shimmery and bronzy dark copper, but it leans a little lighter here on the pan. Or perhaps it’s just the lighting.

fscosmetics06 fscosmetics07

In a different angle there seems to be a bit of rose tint to it. Check out the arm swatch at the end of this post.


I also bought myself a matte lipstick from FS Cosmetics. It costs Php299, which is quite affordable. I couldn’t find how much product is in this bullet, but I expect it’s around 3.5 to 4 grams which is standard. The bullet is made entirely of plastic, of course, but the design is very classy. The theme is gold-and-black: black cap and gold bullet.

fscosmetics09 fscosmetics10

It feels quite flimsy to be honest, but it certainly doesn’t look it. I can see where the inspiration came from (read: Chanel). The shade name and manufacture details are at the bottom.


When the lipstick is revealed, there is a nice embossing of the brand logo on the tip. The location is unfortunate because it means it’ll be the first to go as it is used up. The product itself seems a little loose in the bullet as well, but I haven’t used it enough to tell if this is normal.


Here is my arm swatch, Diamond Champagne on the left and Matte Fuchsia on the right. The eyeshadow blew me away. That swatch is just one swipe, without primer! Talk about awesome pigmentation! I can’t wait to see it on my lids! The matte lipstick on the other hand came out a little sheerer than expected. This is two swipes. I took another photo with flash below.


The lipstick is at least matte as it promised, but again I can see that it really is pretty sheer. I hope it translates better on the lips. Look out for a full review of both of these on the blog soon!

Have you tried any FS Cosmetics? Let me know if you have recommendations!

FS Cosmetics can be found in many department stores and online on their website and Facebook.

Review: Goody TangleFix

Let’s be honest. I’m sure at some point or another you’ve thought that Goody is an expensive brand of hair stuff; I thought the same. That is, until I had personal experience with two of their hair brushes. The first was a standard hair brush (value: Php399) that I got from the BDJ Elite Girls’ Night Out. That turned out pretty well, and in fact I am still using it and it shows no sign of age.

My next brush from Goody is the TangleFix. It is undoubtedly their answer to the Tangle Teezer. I won mine from Nicole of Beauty and Sparkle, in one of her Freebie Friday contests. This brush retails for Php789.75.


The TangleFix I received is the gray version. It looks really shiny and reflective here because the back is covered with some plastic which I haven’t removed yet. The brand is stamped on the fatter side.


The size seems perfect in my hand! The grip is really good and does not cause the brush to fly out of my hand when I’m using it.


The bristles are a combination of longish ones interspersed with short ones. This combo is what untangles the hair without pulling, and can be used with either dry or wet hair. The ends of the bristles are blunt and will not irritate the scalp.


Does it work? Sometimes. There are certain days where the tangles are really bad and it takes several passes of the TangleFix to detangle it. It works best on wet hair I think. Is it worth almost Php800? I think it does, considering that it has the same level of sturdiness as Goody’s basic brushes. This brush will last you a long time!

Pros: very ergonomic; feels good on the scalp

Cons: pricey

Goody is available in most department stores. Follow Goody Philippines on Twitter here!