Beautiful skin from the inside out: Myra Holistic Skin Care

The state of our skin is really important healthwise as well as beauty wise. We need to pay attention to it as much as we pay attention to our general health. Lotions and creams are not enough; we can improve the state of our skin from the inside as well! Here are the ways we can easily improve our skin from the inside:

Photo credit: Raffi Asdourian on Flickr, Creative Commons

Sleep – This is actually one of the most common abuse we inflict on our body in our recent fast-paced lifestyle. It is such a huge impact on our health, which of course includes our skin. Have you noticed that you are more prone to skin-related issues if you’re short on sleep? Try reading up on sleep cycles to maximize your sleep time and find out when and how long to sleep for maximum benefit.

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon, creative commons
Photo credit: Ed Yourdon, creative commons

Exercise – In general we hear that exercise is good for our health, but did you know that exercise gives benefit to our skin as well? Through regular exercise we increase the blood flow to our skin which helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital, and allows for the overall cleansing of the skin cells. This alone may be a good enough reason to get off our ass and start moving!


Hydrate – You know the adage: 8 glasses of water everyday. It may be a little hard to adjust for some people, but I find that drinking water instead of soda or iced tea in the long run provides a huge positive change to general health. It also makes the skin well-hydrated, which results to better skin health. I find that a good water bottle/container is enough to encourage me to drink more water at work. This latest one I got is a Kor hydration bottle – possibly the best water bottle I’ve ever tried.


Eat Well – This goes almost without saying. Eating healthy will lead to a healthier body. Eating well need not be boring; you can use a cookbook such as this Yummy Healthy At Home cookbook by Summit Books (Php150 only). Lots of tasty yet healthy recipes to help us cook healthier food.


Take Vitamin E – Vitamin E basically helps the skin recuperate and bounce back from all the bad elements it was exposed to during the day. Myra Vitamin E supplement is rich in anti-oxidants that help boost the skin from within. This, in conjunction with lotions and creams, will keep skin looking healthy, young, and glowing.


Myra E now has new endorsers: Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Sara Geronimo, both with skin that glows from within.

Photo credit: @unilab_ph

Here’s something I’ve always wondered about Myra E: What’s the difference between the 300E variant and the 400E variant? The main difference is that the 300E has synthetic vitamin E (dL-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) while the 400E has natural vitamin E (dL-Alpha Tocopherol), which means, of course, that the 400E is more expensive. Per bottle of 30 pieces, 300E costs Php241.50 while 400E costs Php354.90. The 400E variant also comes in bottles of 8s and 100s.

You can learn more about Myra Holistic Skin Care by following their twitter and IG accounts @MyraHolistic or through their facebook.

Disclaimer: I was provided a press kit containing the Kor hydration bottle, one bottle of 30s each of the 300E and 400E variants, and the Yummy cookbook for my consideration.

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