Becoming Sleek 2015 Year In Review

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2015 has been such an eventful year for Becoming Sleek as a blog. It was the year I decided to move from being a beauty blogger to a purely stationery/traveler’s notebook blogger, and it’s a decision I am very happy I had made. Makeup and skincare will continue to be part of my everyday life, but my obsessive thoughts are now on stationery and traveler’s notebooks. What is a blog but a reflection of the mind?

Monthly Highlights

January was definitely still in beauty blogging mode, but it was also when I posted about how I used my then-planner, a Moleskine. February was probably the turning point of when I was deciding to move out of beauty blogging, and wrote this short article on what to do when in a blogging rut. March was when I got my very first Midori, the passport, and showed my unboxing. April was when I shared my first free printable. I hope to make more and share it with you! May was when I showed how I set up my Midori Passport. June was my slowest month with only two posts, but one of them was my initial setup of the Midori Blue. July was when I wrote about one of my favorite posts even until present, how to make your own TN accessories. August was the first time I made my own traveler’s notebook, and this was made of paper and is in personal size. September is when I wrote about a controversial topic in the TN community: Midori vs fauxdori. October was when I finally finished my haul of TNs from local makers, and wrote a round up post. Looking back, it now makes me sad to discover that my preferred size is pocket instead of regular, and I wish I knew that before I started buying up all those regular sized TNs! November‘s highlight was when I learned how to do memory keeping in a TN insert. It’s what works for me, and I hope to be able to continue doing this until I fill up the insert! December was when I got my first Zenkraft, which now houses my 2016 Hobonichi. It’s part of my EDC (everyday carry) and I couldn’t imagine being without it!

Blog Statistics

  • Blog posts published: 96 (80 are on-topic)
  • Total pageviews: 44563
  • Average pageviews per day: 122
  • Top five posts:

DIY Accessories For Your Traveler’s Notebook

Midori Passport as Wallet

How I Use My Moleskine Planner

Midori vs Fauxdori

Midori Blue Edition Initial Setup

What’s Coming in 2016

2015 has been a year of acquisition, and I feel like I have enough to go on for 2016. I will definitely be reducing the rate I have been buying stationery, and increasing the usage. 2016 will see a lot of posts about stationery and traveler’s notebook usage, and I intend to go back to doing DIY posts again as well! I would like to also introduce some printables for your TN.

I am quite open to suggestions! What would you like to see on Becoming Sleek this year?

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