Belle de Jour Quest Planner, Petit Planner, and Washi Tapes

Author’s note: I don’t usually do double posting on a day, but I thought this was worth publishing early for the benefit of people interested in buying these products while on sale.

This is actually an unexpected haul, but I got myself a few of Belle De Jour’s new paper products. I ordered these through their online store, which is currently having a sale that ends October 25!


Specifically, I got the Quest Journal (left), the Petit Planner 2016 (top right), and their two washi tape sets (bottom right). First let’s talk about the Quest Journal.


The Quest Journal is BDJ’s version of traveler’s notebook. It comes in only the regular size, and has two color options. I got myself this talc pink one (the other option is cool taupe), which comes with two inserts and a zip pocket/card holder insert. I thought this was a fair deal at the full price Php680, but is even better at the discounted price of Php500!


The cover material is quite stiff and smells like paint. The inside is a brown felt material. As you can see here, the back is embossed with Viviamo’s logo. The arrangement of the inside elastic is similar to that of Midori, but the outside closure is a spine closure. The elastics are black, and the holes do not have eyelets.


As I said, it comes with two inserts (one blank, one grid) with kraft covers. The paper quality seems a tad better than printer paper, but I have not yet personally written on it to really evaluate properly. The zip pocket/card holder insert seems fairly sturdy, but made rather on the narrow side. It can probably wrap around only one insert at best. The cover itself is made on the wide side, so I expect it can hold maybe four inserts quite comfortably.


The Petit Planner 2016 is an adorable little notebook in A6 size. If you are familiar with the Hobonichi Techo, then the Petit Planner is exactly the size and thickness of the A6 Techo. The main differences of course are that this is regular BDJ planner paper (Techo has Tomoe River paper) and this is a weekly planner (Techo is daily). The regular price of the Petit Planner is at Php320 which is pretty fair, but is even better at the discounted price of Php250.

I made a gallery of the inside pages in case you want to know what’s in there. Make sure to click and scroll for a bigger view, and read the captions for my comments!


Lastly I got myself all the washi tapes that Belle De Jour released. The regular price of these are Php100 for the set of two at the bottom, and Php 150 for the set of three at the top. The discounted prices are Php50 and Php75 respectively, which is a steal! It ends up at Php25 per roll!


The quality is surprisingly nice for such an affordable washi tape. They are 15mm in width and 5 meters in length. Really, it’s not bad even at full price! The designs are pretty cute too, and my favorite turns out to be the one with the birds.

There you go! I hope you got a lot more insight into the new offerings of Belle De Jour. If you want to avail of the discount, hurry over to their shop and buy now! Remember, the sale ends October 25.

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money.

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  1. Hi! How would you compare the Quest Journal to the original Traveler’s Notebook in terms of build and size? Is the Quest Journal cover as “stiff”? Are they the same dimensions? Thank you very much!

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