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Hi! Checking in after a long hiatus!

What’s been up? I’ve been pretty preoccupied with work stuff recently that I had no time to update and post to the blog. I’m learning R and really enjoying the return to data science (I did a lot of this back in undergrad). I’m still quite addicted to stationery, traveler’s notebooks, and all that, and in fact I continue to use my stuff and adding quite a bit to my stash! While I was busy, I still found the time to post to my Instagram, so do follow me there as well!

What’s in store for Becoming Sleek? I’m going to resume posting with a quick review and walkthrough of my new A5 TN, followed by what I’ve been subscribing too lately. I’ll also be resuming with my reviews of traveler’s notebooks and stationery (boy have I got a lot to catch up on!).

Thank you for keeping me in your feeds! I’ll be posting the A5 TN soon after this, so watch out for it!



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