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One of the things I like doing is supporting local artisans, and Crafts and Papeteries is exactly that. I found them on a local buy and sell group, and they were advertising TNs of various designs and colors. The red leather, of course, caught my eye and before long I was ordering myself a Buhay Traveler’s Notebook in pocket size.

Buhay means “life” or “alive” in the Filipino tongue, and I thought it was quite appropriate. My planners are my life basically! It was a custom order which means basically that they did not have a ready-made stock of the specific size and configuration I wanted. It took a while to get to me, but I thought it was definitely worth the wait. I also wanted to mention that the owner Glenda was quite kind and accommodating, and in fact had to do a repeat of my TN because the first one did not pass her quality standards. I really appreciated that a lot! I knew that when I get my TN it would be perfect, and it is!

And here she is! My Buhay is a red leather (of course!), and this particular leather is extremely soft and flexible. It is also quite textured, and feels very nice to the touch. I actually find myself unconsciously petting it! It came with two silver charms, one on the closing band and says “Live Life” and another on the elastic bookmark with one side saying “Life is a gift” and the other with a beautiful tree. I felt like these were nice touches, and I’m happy that it came in silver since I prefer that over gold.

Here’s what the inside looks like. It comes with four inner strings which means it can take 4 inserts. Actually Glenda says it can hold up to 6 inserts, but I haven’t tried that myself yet. There are four card slots on the front cover, and full-length pockets on both sides. It also has a pen loop, which can take regular sized pens.

Of course I wanted to field test it, and the best way to do that is to use it as my wallet TN. Here I set it up with my Chrisella09 fabric wallet insert and a Word. notebook, plus all my cards, cash, and paraphernalia that usually comes in my wallet.

They all fit perfectly! With all the cards, coins, and papers and stuff, it seems like the width is perfect. The cards did give some structure to the very floppy leather, but you can see that it still hugs the inserts.

Here’s a nice view of the rump. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?


Here’s a video flipthrough of the Buhay TN as wallet. This TN is very reasonably priced at Php800. I’m quite happy and satisfied with my order, and I am definitely going to get more from them!

Check out other Crafts and Papeteries products through their Facebook page.



2 thoughts to “Buhay Pocket TN”

  1. This is nice — I’ve been searching for alternatives to the rather steeply-priced (at least for a meager employee like myself) Midori lately, and this one hits the budget. 🙂 It’s a little too small for my liking though.

    Nice review!

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