Can I Show You My Babies?

Let me be a proud mom for a moment and show off my beautiful babies to you. In order of “acquisition”:

Daughter T

bna pets8

The only human baby in the bunch! Who is honestly not really a baby anymore, and is turning into quite the young lady. I need not tell you how I “acquired” her, haha! Love this girl!


bna pets7

The first family pet. She has just turned 3. We got her specifically to be my daughter’s companion. She is supposedly a shih tzu-dachsund mix. We did see the shih tzu mom, but we couldn’t verify the dachsund part. She’s a hunter though, so maybe there’s truth in it! We bought her from a seller through what was once Sulit. We didn’t know about shelters back then!


bna pets2

My first rescue. The story is super long, but suffice to say for now that we saw her on the streets in our village wandering alone and decided to take her in before she gets run over. She came with an infected eye, which eventually had to be removed before it threatens her overall health. She is the one that taught me to love cats. She’s now approximately six months old, and is doing quite well for a one-eyed cat.


bna pets3

Second rescue, a mere two months after we took Katkat in. Found in the vicinity of the main street of the village, alone and with a discernible limp. We took him in for the same reason: rescue him before he gets run over. The limp is now gone. He’s definitely too cute, and he knows it! If he likes you he will try to dede on your earlobe. He’s approximately 4 months old.


bna pets1

A beautiful labrador mix that was promised to us since her conception by an aunt. She is the big dog I’ve been wanting to get (before I rescued the cats). Her arrival over the christmas holidays made things pretty crowded at home, but still manageable. She’s now a bit over 3 months old.

Shadow, Trike, and Snow

bna pets4
bna pets6
bna pets5


The latest rescues, found more or less together in the same general area where we found Lucky. No mother in sight, so I decided to take them in even if we’re already pretty crowded. They are tinier than Lucky was when we rescued him, which meant they were not yet weaned when we found them. There is really no discernible difference between the before and after photos, since we rescued them only a couple of weeks ago! They are now on the way to getting integrated with the rest of the family, and is slowly learning to eat solids.

Phew! I now have seven pets (and a daughter), which makes life pretty interesting these days. Follow me on Instagram to see more of these babies!

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