Colourpop Haul and Swatches

The brand Colourpop has been recently taking the beauty world by storm. With 5-dollar products it’s really hard to say no. I jumped in the bandwagon and got myself a couple of lipsticks and three eyeshadows. I ordered from Nicolette Makeup (IG) at Php350 each (+shipping fee) and my package has just arrived. Let me show you what I got!


Read on for what shades I got and the swatches.

Each item comes in a white box. The eyeshadows have a clear window so you can see the shades.


Here are the products unboxed. The eyeshadows come in deep white tubs with a clear window, and the lipsticks come in sleek white tubes with the shade name at the bottom. Let’s check out the eyeshadows first.


Neutral medium warm beige with a soft golden satin finish, from beach parties to dancing on tables with your girl gang, Smash is step one to busting out your A-game.

Of the three, Smash is the only one that’s neutral. I chose this because it looks like it’s going to be a great all-over-lid shade.


A deep rich blue violet with a pearlized finish.  My lace, my lace my lovely lady lace.

Lace is definitely waaaay out of my comfort zone. It looks to be a really deep violet, and I’m hoping to have a chance to wear this properly. I’ll also see if I can at least use this as a crease shade for everyday wear.


Ay Bay Bay, this rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish is legit better than anything else.

Lastly I got Bae, my first duochrome, also out of my comfort zone. I probably have enough neutrals anyway. This looked really pretty on the swatches I’ve seen online, and I’m hoping it’ll look good on me.

Check out the arm swatches below!


Smash looks a lot more golden than I expected, but still pale enough to work as the intended lid shade. Lace and Bae are actually lighter than I expected too (all these are two swipes each). I’m really happy about all three, but to be honest I’m most excited to try out Bae as it’s such an interesting color!


Moving on to the Lippie Stix, I got two shades. First is a safe-looking salmon called Fetch.


Perfect mid- tone warm true pink in a satin finish. Cuz this shade is like so like o.m.g, totally fetch.


The tube is quite different from standard lipsticks. It’s thinner and longer, and contains only a mere 1.0g of product.

The second Lippie Stix is a purple called Grind.


Vivid blue violet in a matte finish. (Hustle sold separately).


I wanted to see if purple would suit me as a lip color, and I thought Colourpop had a great selection of purple shades. Check out the arm swatches below.


Fetch is the pink I had expected, and Grind leans more fuchsia on my skin. Both appear flat which I hope will translate well onto the lips. Fetch is satin finish while Grind is matte.

I’ll post a FOTD soon with my Colourpop finds! You can drool over their products at their website here.

Have you tried Colourpop?

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