Current Pocket Sized Inserts: January 2016

As I’ve said in a previous post, my preferred TN size these days is the pocket size. Here are the inserts that I am currently using in my pocket size TN.


This Word. notebook is used mainly as a place for dumping random things such as quotes, notes on various things, and price checks, as well as a place to put my lists such as my current TN lineup, my wishlists, and a package tracker for my online orders.

Blog Planner

I’ve shown you my current blog planner, which now resides in this Moleskine cahier notebook.

Prompted Journal

This DIY insert is my prompted journal, and is made of Tomoe River paper. A prompted journal is different from my daily journal in that it has a specific prompt or topic that I write about, as opposed to just the daily happenings written in my daily journal. I get my prompts from various sources online.

Hobby Expenses

In an attempt to curb my hobby spending, I have been using an insert to track my hobby expenses. I use this lined Alunsina insert with very narrow rulings, which I really like.

Letters To My Daughter

In an unlined Bencab notebook I put letters that I address to my daughter, with the intention that I will be giving this to her when she’s older (like maybe when she’s 18, or when she gets married, or some such milestone). I make sure to only focus on positives, and I am hoping that she will find this inspirational in the future.

Brush Calligraphy Practice Book

Okay, this is not really pocket size, but I house this in with the rest of the inserts in the same TN. This is one of my earlier DIY projects where I used a combination of cream and black calligraphy paper from @calligrapads on IG to serve as a place to practice my brush calligraphy. Once I have fully used this one up (which is soon!) I will make another one in the proper size.

I hope this post gave you some ideas of what to use your inserts for.

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