Current Pocket Sized Inserts: March 2016

While I am still using most of the inserts I discussed last January, I added a few new inserts to my stable. This first one isn’t really a new addition, but I did finish my daily journal insert and needed a new one. At first I was planning to use Tomoe River paper for my journal insert, but I was concerned that I would not be able to attach ephemera to the journal effectively because the paper is very thin. Good thing that Everything Calligraphy started carrying loose Elias paper, which is a great deal thicker but performs just as well fountain pen-wise. I got myself a pack and made my first couple of Elias paper pocket insert.


This insert came out really thick! I used 20 sheets, which makes 40 pages for the journal insert, but the thickness of the insert came out at about 7-8mm! In comparison, a Word. notebook is only 4mm thick. The paper is just perfect though! It really works very well with fountain pen inks, and can take washi tape, stamp inks, stickers, and ephemera quite well. I’m pretty confident that it will take watercolor just as nicely.


The second insert I am now using is my creative journal. I said previously that I had failed doing creative journaling in a couple of attempts, but I wanted to keep trying. I determined that perhaps the problem was the size, as I had been using the standard and A5 sizes for that purpose and I found that there was just too much space. I decided to try again in a pocket size, and printed out a weekly planner format from Growing Up Goddess in Etsy on Bevenia Splendorgel paper. It’s thinner than Elias paper, is very smooth, and works very well with all sorts of pens.


I’m really liking the layout, the size, and the paper of this insert. I believe that this is now more sustainable, and I will be able to keep up with my creative journaling now!


The last of the new pocket inserts I’m using is one I have made a couple of months back. It is made of the near-miraculous Tomoe River paper, and I cut and bound this myself.


I have decided to use it as an Ink Journal. I have recently ordered quite a few fountain pen ink samplers, and I wanted to have a good place to store my thoughts about each of the inks I come across. This way, I can look back and see if I liked an ink or not, and it will help me decide if I really want to buy a full bottle. Tomoe River paper really shines here, because it can take just about any type of ink written with any type of fountain pen. It’s perfect as an Ink Journal!

pocketinsertsmar4 pocketinsertsmar5

As of the moment, I have an active 8 pocket inserts stored in two pocket sized traveler’s notebooks. I feel like I have found a good mix of inserts for the near future, and I am very happy with all of them.



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