DIY Traveler’s Notebook Personal Setup

I have mostly been satisfied with my setup of Midori Passport as my wallet+portable notebook and Midori Blue as my planner and journal. My only wish was to be able to bring along the Blue everywhere so I can access my planner if necessary. Unfortunately it’s rather on the big (and heavy!) side, and so it cannot fit in my everyday purse. I am unwilling to switch to a bigger purse, as that will just breed extra things to bring and my back cannot tolerate anything heavier than what I currently have!

TN people online have recently been talking about a new size called Personal, and is meant to reflect the personal size in the ringed planner systems. Compared to the Midori regular’s 210x110mm (insert size), the personal was only at 171x95mm which was significantly smaller. I thought it was something that would fit my need. Unfortunately I currently do not have the funds to purchase from the more popular brands that carry personal (Chicsparrow, Foxyfix), but I thought I can try making my own. Meet my White traveler’s notebook.

paperdori1 paperdori2

I made it out of a glossy cardboard folder I had lying around. To make it sturdier, I decided to double it up, so this is actually two layers of cardboard stuck together. I installed the eyelets by hand (I have no eyelet setter), and made it so it will have two elastics on the inside. I decided to use black elastic because I thought it went quite well with the stark plain white of the cardboard. I am actually quite happy how it turned out!


Of course the whole point of this process is to be able to plan with it. I used Wendaful‘s free printables for both the monthly and weekly layouts, and I’m hoping that they will work for me. I’ve moved my whole planning process over to White to see if the personal size is the one I’m looking for.


Here are the other things I have inside White. The original folder I used had built in pockets, and I kept those on both sides of the notebook. I keep a few sheets of planner stickers in the front pocket.


The first notebook (red cover) is my commonplace notebook. I put in here lists of things I want to remember, and generally a place to write things in on the go. In front of this notebook is the front part of a passport holder I found that could fit in White, and holds a couple of journaling cards for decoration.


The middle notebook (cream cover) is my planner. I’ve already shown you the layouts I have inside, but inside the front cover I put all my sticky notes.


The third notebook (brown cover) is currently blank and purposeless. Around this third notebook I have my DIY clear pocket, and this side here holds yet more sheets of planner stickers.


I actually have a fourth notebook in here! It’s a tiny notebook (fits in my Passport) that I use to track my weight and my purchases, and this notebook is actually slotted in the back built-in pocket. The clear pockets you see above it is the second half of the passport case, and I use it to hold some loose notepaper and my passport-size pencil board.


In total I currently have four notebooks, two DIY clear pockets, and two built-in pockets. All of that folds in to this thickness, which is not really that thick. Again, I’m so far quite pleased with the setup, the weight, and the size of my White, but I’ll give it maybe a few more weeks before I decide if I’ll actually be buying an artisan-made traveler’s notebook in personal size.

Would you like a demonstration on how I made this notebook?



9 thoughts to “DIY Traveler’s Notebook Personal Setup”

    1. Onga no, I can decorate the cover! Right now I’m happy that it looks so clean, but at least I have that option when I get bored with it, haha! This is now my planner, but I’m keeping the Blue for journal purposes. 🙂

      Thanks for meeting up with me! I enjoyed our “date” as usual! 😀

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