Editorial Calendar: One Month Later

In one of my recent Sunday Currentlies, I mentioned that I had started using an editorial calendar for my blog. It wasn’t such a complicated system, but my aim for such a move is to make myself more accountable for the content and posting schedule for Becoming Sleek. I wanted a more consistent posting schedule and more well-thought-out content, and by planning ahead what gets published when, I would be able to achieve that objective.

My system isn’t really very complicated. I basically just took a blank notebook (TN regular size), wrote down my blog objective and the general posting schedule in the front page, then the rest of the notebook is the planner. I first had a monthly calendar view.


Here I used a Homemadekraft undated monthly page. I filled in the dates, and marked clearly the days I am expecting to publish a post. As you can see here, I have set myself to a 3-posts-a-week schedule. The red asterisk stamp is from the MommyLhey Girl Boss Planner Stamps set.


Here is what a completed monthly layout looks like. I also write in when I plan to take photos, edit photos, and write the actual posts on particular days. Not everything comes out according to plan, and the arrows indicate when I actually accomplished those tasks. I also have some blog-related notes on the side.


After the monthly schedule comes the weekly. I only have three days marked per week, denoting the three posting days. Here I basically just list down which post gets published when. Since there are a lot of space on the page, I also list down the tasks associated to each post (if any) and any notes or ideas I wanted to remember when writing the actual posts. The stamped days are from Studio L2E Track It: Days of the Week, while the stamped months are from the Forever in Time Clear Stamps Calendar Set.


Here is an example of a weekly page that’s been filled out. Most of the time the area below the post title stays blank, but some days I needed to note down some ideas that I wanted to include in the post. I have a separate two-page spread that has my list of potential blog post ideas, which I actually need to make another one since the first spread is about to be filled up.

One month after I started using an editorial calendar, I find that I am actually able to stick to a fairly consistent posting schedule. I also feel less pressured especially when I have a lot of post ideas lined up, and when I have a lot of posts queued up to be published. Of course there are times when life catches up, and I need to hurry up a little to catch up on my posts. For the most part, I feel that having this editorial calendar is very helpful and I will definitely be continuing this practice!

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