Elias Paper Pocket Inserts

One of the things I enjoy making are my own pocket inserts. I’ve recently discovered the Elias Paper, available at Everything Calligraphy in loose sheets. Actually Elias makes inserts, but only in standard and passport sizes, so I am happy that I am able to buy loose sheets to make my own pocket sized inserts. This paper is quite amazing! It is about as thick as standard copy paper, but it is versatile in what sort of media it can take. Elias paper is known to be very friendly to fountain pens, which is really the main reason I wanted Elias paper inserts.


I use a variety of cardstock as my cover. This particular insert has been my journal for about a month, after which I switched over to another of my DIY Elias paper pocket inserts.


Here is how the paper performs with different pens/pencil. I used a variety of nib sizes of fountain pens as well, and practically none of them bled through the other side, and there is also barely any showthrough either.

eliaspaperinserts4 eliaspaperinserts5

I like using this paper for my brush calligraphy practice.


I also tried using watercolor on Elias paper, and it also behaved quite nicely. In fact, the watercolor dries pretty quickly on this paper. I used a Simbalion watercolor set with a water brush.

Suffice to say, I am quite in love with Elias paper, and I am happy I got quite a bit of sheets left to make me journal inserts for the rest of the year or so. I’m also happy that I can easily get more from Everything Calligraphy, although it would be nice to also buy ready-made inserts.


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