Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Duo Palette in Icon & Illusion

First of all a big thanks to Liz for gifting me this for Christmas! I love Ellana and I’m very happy for the chance to try out their cream blush.

ellanaduo1 ellanaduo2

As the product name says, this is a Lip & Cheek Duo Palette: they can be used as a cream blush or a lip color (or both!). It comes in Ellana’s standard cardboard case and their really nice cover art, but now the inside is now also patterned. I think it helps a lot in keeping the appearance of the palette clean, as opposed to a plain white which will show smudges more readily. The palette, as you can see below, comes with a good-sized mirror.

ellanaduo3 ellanaduo4

Icon (poppy pink, right, I think) and Illusion (coral peach, left) is a very safe and everyday-type of palette. Nothing so out-of-the-ordinary here, and perfect for any event. I can safely use either shade for my usual office look. These are of the cream variety, so I usually just use clean fingers to apply on the cheeks (or lips, but I don’t usually use it for that). For the swatches below I used two swipes for the ones on the left, and one swipe for the blended. It is very pigmented, and a little definitely goes a long way! I try to limit myself to a maximum of three dots per cheek, otherwise it would be too bright for my taste.


Here is the look I did using Illusion (coral peach) on the cheeks.


And here is the one (pretty grainy, sorry!) using Icon, still cheeks.


Verdict: I really like this palette! This is what I reach for most days, especially when I’m feeling lazy. I just put a couple of dots, blend it around a little, and I’m set!

You can get this palette from the Ellana website. It costs Php460, and comes in other shade combinations.

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