Event: Celeteque 3rd Anniversary + New Releases

As a HUGE Celeteque fan, I’m unutterably pleased and honored to be invited to their 3rd Anniversary celebration! I’m so happy that they continue to make their presence felt whenever I do groceries (Celeteque stocks are always there in many supermarkets), as I would like to see them become a household brand.


The anniversary party was held at an unexpectedly posh place on the second floor of Ziebart along Chino Roces at Makati City. This is Prime 101, a really awesome steak place with really cool interiors. Check this out.


Marcie, PR executive, Tina, Product Manager of Celeteque, and I had fun posing on the bed stationed near the entrance.


The food was divine! This overflowing plate does not seem much, but I was pretty stuffed at the end of it. Every single thing is delicious!


Along with celebrating the anniversary, Celeteque also launched two new releases.


First we have an interesting skincare-makeup hybrid. Celeteque Acne Solutions Line’s newest baby is the Acne-Clearing Concealer. In those days where we have that annoying pimple when we have an important event to attend, this concealer will definitely come in handy. It is designed to protect and treat the pimple before we put on other layers of makeup. It contains Salicylic acid which opens up pores and exfoliates dead skin cells, and Camellia sinensis (tea tree) extract which has soothing and antibacterial properties to treat the pimple.


The other new release is actually a reformulation. Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil previously is my go-to waterproof mascara-remover, as it readily dissolves the stubborn product right off. The new formulation still does the makeup-removing part, but in addition, it is also an emulsifying cleanser. You apply a bit of oil all over the face (even still with makeup!), then splash a bit of water on it. It will turn into a white liquid, which you will then rinse off normally. Makeup will be removed, and at the same time leave your face cleansed and moisturized! The most amazing part of this is the fact that it only costs Php249 for the 50ml bottle!


Aside from hearing first hand about the new releases, I also got to hang out with some old and new blogger friends. Thanks again to Marcie, Tina, and Zei for inviting me to celebrate with you!


Visit Celeteque on their website, Facebook and Twitter, for more product information!

4 thoughts to “Event: Celeteque 3rd Anniversary + New Releases”

  1. Big fan of Celeteque here as well 🙂 I love that their products are so affordable while being gentle and effective. Before Liz sold me on Ibuki, I was using Celeteque Hydration facial wash, which I loved and still would use if I ever get too broke to keep up my Ibuki routine. I always noticed how my face looked so calm with this cleanser. Ponds doesn’t even touch it, in my humble opinion. I feel like it’s terribly underrated!

    I got curious about their Cleansing Oil, it seems to be wonderful. I’m almost out of the Japanese one I use and I’m afraid I can’t repurchase locally, so might as well give Celeteque’s a try!

    Hope you’re having a lovely day 😡

    1. I agree with the hydration facial wash! It’s a mainstay for my sink, if I’m feeling lazy I just wash with that. Celeteque is basically my “reset” brand – after I try new stuff I go back to Celeteque to reset my skin before trying something else.

      The cleansing oil is so far good, I think it is a better formula than the old one.

      Thanks Kathleen, I hope you’re having a great day too!

  2. My daughter loves Celeteque, and at 15 she is now into their skincare line. I believe she being sporty kind of girl would benefit learning about skin care and sun care early. She uses the Post Suncare Product also from Celeteque. Such an awesome brand.

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