Event: Nifty Nibs Calligraphy Workshop

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had terrible grades in the penmanship/writing subjects as far back as I can remember. Because of that, I’ve set out to improve myself in that area, which resulted in an interest in calligraphy. I’ve never had any formal training in it; I’ve just had a book on introductory calligraphy forms back when I was a teen (the book is lost now, boo!).

Fast forward to today. Eula of eulasleeps opened a workshop just for calligraphy, and of course I couldn’t let that pass! (Bonus: I get to meet anther of my blog heroes, yay!) It was held yesterday at the Ellana Minerals Showroom at La Fuerza Bldg Makati. It was a pretty intimate event, with only five participants.


Eula gave us an introduction to calligraphy and an overview of what our individual calligraphy kit contents are for. We were given two nibs each (an italic nib for italic forms and a flexible nib for script), a nib holder, a mechanical pencil, a cute notebook with guide marks, a bit of ink, some worksheets and guide for basic forms, some different types of paper, and a primer written by Eula herself. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the kit, but check out this spread on the workshop table!


After showing us how to prepare the nibs, we went directly into practicing! We tried first the italic nib (Speedball C2) for the italic forms, on parchment paper at that! I never felt so fancy. I thought my practice sheet didn’t turn out so bad.


We also practiced with the flexible nib (Esterbrook 356). I thought it was quite a lot harder to use than the italic nib, mostly because I am quite heavy-handed and the Esterbrook required a light hand. Unlike the italic nib, this one didn’t have its own ink reservoir, so one has to dip for ink quite frequently. My practice sheet clearly says I need more practice!


I of course couldn’t resist writing my own name.


The last part of the workshop was dedicated to making our own postcards using any of the materials provided, including the other types of ink (even watercolor!), nibs, and washi tape. I wanted to showcase the range of inks available so I used almost all of them! I really still suck when it comes to using the flex nib though.


Eula also kindly provided us with a snack. These are honestly the best tasting red velvet cupcakes I have ever tasted!


Check out the other photos from the event below.

nifty02Eula, our workshop instructor. I really love the curls in her hair!

nifty03The nibs included in the calligraphy kit.

nifty05Parts of a flexible nib.

nifty11My favorite ink of the day. Beautiful purple shade!

nifty12With my workshop coparticipants! (L-R) PatG, Jezza, Krissy, Meg, Eula, me

Big big thanks to Eula for offering this workshop! I had tons of fun and I learned a lot!

PS: Did I mention that this was held at the Ellana Minerals Showroom? Yup, you guessed it! I bought quite a bit of stuff from Ellana after the event, which I’ll show in another post.

6 thoughts to “Event: Nifty Nibs Calligraphy Workshop”

  1. Hi Pat! It looks like a fun workshop. I’m curious on the red velvet cupcakes, did Eula bake it herself? I wanna try it if it’s the best red velvet cupcake you’ve had πŸ™‚

    1. She says she got it from Gng. Bukid, a hidden cafe on the first floor of La Fuerza II. It’s really awesome! I’m planning to go back and get more of it! πŸ˜€

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