FOTD: Purple Lips

In the ultimate attempt to step out of my comfort zone, I bought a purple lipstick from Colourpop called and Grind. I finally had enough courage to wear it out and here is the result.


It’s… actually not bad? It’s definitely purple, but it doesn’t seem to be as strange as I thought it would be. It actually looks like a fun color! The finish is very matte, and perhaps a little drying.


I really thought it would be a lot lighter than this, considering the arm swatch I posted earlier.


The strange thing is, it looks quite pink when I took a shot in the sun. Perhaps it’s the shadow/lighting aspect?


In conclusion, purple lips aren’t such a strange or bad thing!

4 thoughts to “FOTD: Purple Lips”

    1. It’s still feels a bit too strong for me, purple. I think I should wear it more often to feel more comfortable with it! Revlon Shameless seems named appropriately, haha!

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