FoxyFix Wanderlust Traveler’s Notebooks

Around early April Foxyfix held a Platinum sale, where you choose a size and you get a random TN in the pack. It’s usually on sale because of some issues with the construction of the TN, and it is cheaper than if you buy a specific Foxyfix TN. I thought it was the perfect time to try out the brand, so I got myself two pocket sized packs. Here is what I received:


It turns out to be two very similar TNs, made from the same Wanderlust leather. The textured black one on the left is called Licorice, and it came with white elastics and white stitching and nicely contrasts with the black one. The dark brown one on the right is called Espresso, and it came with turquoise elastics and matching stitching.


Both TNs have the closing elastic at the spine, and both have four inner elastics. I immediately personalized my new Wanderlust TNs with my chosen charms.


Foxyfix marks their sale items with a dash near their branding on the back cover. This is to distinguish it from their regular offer which has better quality control. Honestly though I could not tell what was wrong with either of my TNs; they felt and looked (and smelled!) very professional.


The characteristic of the Wanderlust leather is that it is pretty thick, about 3mm. In contrast the Midori leather and most other leather TNs I’ve seen are just at 2mm. This means that the leather is expected to be on the stiffer side, yet the Wanderlust is quite pliable and bendy. The Espresso one keeps its marks and shows it easily, while the Licorice doesn’t show it as much, being black and naturally textured. As you can see both can hold four inserts each easily, and it looks like they can fit two more without overhang.


The inside of the Espresso is smooth, while that of the Licorice is more suede-like.

Overall I’m very happy to receive both, and very glad to not have received the exact same thing. I was hoping for pockets, but experiencing the thickness of the Wanderlust at first hand makes me glad they didn’t come with pockets. I probably don’t need to keep both since they are essentially the same thing; in that case I would tend toward the Espresso because of the ability to keep marks.



2 thoughts to “FoxyFix Wanderlust Traveler’s Notebooks”

  1. The only traveler’s notebook I have is a FoxyFix in butterscotch Wanderlust that I got just prior to their new shop and without any branding on it. I love the thickness of the leather, it makes it feel tough and sturdy for writing in without needing a hard surface. Definitely a nice TN, especially on sale!

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