Gav and Sav A5 Sewdori in Hearts

With the infinite kindness of Lara of Gav and Sav, I received this beautiful A5 Sewdori in the design Hearts as a christmas present. This is my first and only traveler’s notebook in the A5 size, and remains to be the biggest one that I have.


As I have already mentioned, my preferred size tends to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, so I was a little concerned that I would not have any use for this and would regrettably be shelved. And for a while, it had. 2016 rolled around and with it came new planners. That was when I finally figured out what I will be using this beautiful TN for.


As with my other Gav and Sav Sewdori, this one is made of fabric and stiff interfacing, and holds its shape quite well. It has a defined spine and an elastic closure. The elastic closure in this A5 TN is quite different, as it is strung vertically instead of the usual horizontal. I quite like the thick elastic used here, and additionally it can be used as a page holder when in use!


The inside fabric is a nice bright orange and is made of something more textured than the outside fabric. The blue stitching contrasts quite well with the orange. I currently have two books in this TN, the first being this Ilycraft A5 sketchbook with cream paper. I use this for practicing lettering or watercolor.


The second book appears almost too large for the A5 TN, and this is because this is a hacked planner from Fully Booked. I got this as a freebie with a huge book haul over the holidays, and it was a ringbound planner with nice thick card paper for the insides. While it works pretty well on its own, I really didn’t like the rings. I ended up de-ringing it, removing the extra advertisement pages, trimming it down to the barest minimum to fit the A5 TN, and bound it simply with white glue. Now it lives inside my Gav and Sav A5 TN and is my 2016 work planner and work log. This whole setup remains on my office desk.


There’s actually four inside elastics provided, to hold at least four inserts. The thickness of the work planner and the sketchbook is actually enough to fill the whole TN already, so there are extra elastics here that are empty. The TN also came with two built-in elastic bookmarks like my other Gav and Sav TN. There are a couple of cute little butterfly charms attached at the end of it, which I thought was a great finishing touch!

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Disclaimer: This A5 TN was given to me as a gift, and I am not expected to write anything in return. All opinions are my own.

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