Gav and Sav Sewdori Pocket Size in Cat Print

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen this already. Ever since my first Gav and Sav purchase, I’ve always wanted a traveler’s notebook in the same cat print as the rest of my order. Unfortunately at that time, they had run out of the fabric and could not make me a TN. It turns out to be fortuitous, for if I had gotten the TN in this cat print at that time it would have been in the standard size. It is only towards the end of 2015 that I figured out my preferred TN size, which is pocket. When they let me know that they found some left over fabric that would be enough to make a small TN, I immediately ordered one in pocket size.


It was just as I had been hoping for, and it came with so much more! It came with a contrasting black elastics for both inside and outside. I of course could not wait and immediately set it up to become my wallet. I added this appropriate charm that goes so well with the print.


The spine looks really cute, and I love how the print looks super centered. The elastic closure comes out from two eyelets, which is something slightly different than most traveler’s notebooks. I also love how thick and substantial the elastic is. Take note of that tiny little metal cat peeking out from the bottom. That’s one of the two bookmarks that came included with the TN.


Check out the full glory of that cat print!


The biggest and most important addition to this TN are the inside pockets. That’s right! This Gav and Sav sewdori comes with a lot of pockets that is always a welcome addition to any TN. In the inside elastics are my standard wallet inserts that I have discussed previously here, but without the planner part.


Here’s a closer look of the front pockets. Since this is a pocket sized TN, there’s not really enough room for a lot of card slots. Unfortunately none of these three slots in front can fit a standard card. I was aware of this before it arrived, though, so it did not come as a surprise. I think having two slots instead of three would be better in this case, so there is still an option to put credit or rewards cards.


There’s a second, full-length pocket under the three-slot one. I like having full-length pockets like this for bigger pieces of paper or ephemera.


Here’s now the back pocket looks like. It’s an upright pocket where you can just slip things in like what I did here.


Overall I’m really quite happy with this pocket sized TN. There is a lot of room for customization, and if I didn’t mention before this TN comes with four inside elastics to easily hold four inserts. The spine is about 0.75″ which is not that thick but thick enough to hold those four inserts quite comfortably. I feel like this one will stay in rotation for quite some time.

Check out Gav and Sav’s Instagram account for their other offerings!

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