Hanging Makeup Storage

We’ve seen many kinds of storage options for makeup, such as the currently popular acrylic storage (check this one from The Beauty Bee), or a full vanity table setup (like this again from The Beauty Bee, or this from Erikajjang). Not all of us have the room space for a vanity table, or even the table space for acrylic boxes.Β As one of such people, I have to resort to other creative options to store my makeup. My solution: a hanging setup.

Basically I purchased one of those hanging storage for accessories; I think this particular one is from Landmark Trinoma, and costs about Php180. I originally purchased this for its intended purpose, for accessories, until I appropriated it for my growing collection of makeup. I like this one particularly because it has many sturdy transparent pockets. I used the entire right side to house my squarish eyeshadow palettes, the left and middle columns for the lipsticks and other miscellaneous items.

Front of the hanging storage
Velcro hooks on the back

My pencil-type makeup items are housed in this smaller hanging storage. I think this one is really meant for makeup, but as a traveling kit. I made this a permanent holder for the long, slim makeup items such as eye pencils and mascara tubes. This hanging storage costs slightly more than the first one, I think around Php250.

Storage for pencil-type items
Beautiful (but hidden) patterned back

I used these hooks to hang up the two. Here is how it actually looks like, at the side of my closet.

Complete with hanging salakot

This is of course not everything I have. My bases are untidily stored in a tray inside this cabinet, as well as my larger eyeshadow palettes, and my blushes. I will eventually get a vanity table as it’s really hard to apply makeup standing up but for now, this will do.

What do you use for makeup storage?

16 thoughts to “Hanging Makeup Storage”

    1. I would love to get some acrylic organizers myself! Wala nga lang paglalagyan, owell. Hey did you know that Daiso Japan (Saizen) sells some acrylic organizers? Pretty sturdy and good looking stuff, although it’s at something like 199 or 299 each?

  1. I used to not any space for a vanity too. But when my collection grew, I had to make room for a vanity. So that’s where I store my makeup. I also have Muji acrylic drawers. I’m a bit OCD and I want to be able to see all my makeup in front of me. Otherwise, I won’t use them. Haha. But for lack of floor space, this one works great too!

    1. I heard really good things about the muji acrylic storage. Eventually I will get my own vanity table, as it’s a lot easier to put on makeup sitting down!

  2. I’m thinking of getting acrylic. Right now I’m using two toolboxes from Handyman! :)) Medyo hirap nga kasi I have to dig around for what I want.

    1. Lots of options for acrylic these days! As I said to Tellie Daiso Japan has some; Muji is well raved about; SM has some too I think; and finally lots of online retailers carry them na rin!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! This is a super duper bright idea? You get to see everything which means it’s likely that you’ll use everything din. Will definitely, do this.

  4. I have these too but never thought of actually hanging them and placing makeup instead of accessories. Thanks for this great idea πŸ™‚

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