Haul: Macata Traveler’s Notebooks from CN Papercrafts

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already have seen these. A few weeks ago I took up an offer for a swap from one of the owners of CN Papercrafts. She wanted a set of pens and calligraphy supplies in return for a couple of their traveler’s notebooks, which they call Macata. The swap extended into more pens for even more Macata TNs, and now here we are! Meet my four new Macata traveler’s notebooks.


I got four TN covers in total: a Tan and a Bone in regular size, a Navy Blue in personal size, and a Navy Blue in passport size.


Read on for more photos of my TN haul!


The TNs are all beautifully made. The outside is very smooth and the inside is felt-like. The photo above gives us a quick comparison of the “lengths” of the TNs. Let’s take a look one by one at the covers.

macatahaul04 macatahaul05

This is the Tan in regular size. It comes with two inside brown elastics and an orange outside elastic for holding the notebook closed. All Macata TNs come with a small strip of material with the outside elastic in the same color as the cover. As you can see here, the inside of the cover is a shiny felt-like material and feels really nice to the touch.

macatahaul06 macatahaul07

This is the Bone, also in regular size. Aside from the difference in color of the cover and elastics, the only difference between this and the Tan would be the rounded corners. I like having a direct comparison so I can see which one I like better. Right now though, I still have no preference over rounded or non-rounded corners as I haven’t used them enough.

macatahaul08 macatahaul09

This is the Navy Blue in personal size. This is the one I’ve been most excited to receive, as I wanted to have a “proper” cover in that size (and honestly, the White is starting to get beat up). The color is really beautiful, and is a brighter kind of blue compared to the Midori Blue (Pan-Am edition). This one comes in non-rounded corners and white inside elastic.

macatahaul10 macatahaul11

Lastly, we have the Navy Blue in passport size. This is the exact same color as the personal size, but has rounded corners, blue inside elastic, and silver eyelets (the other three have gold eyelets). I’m taking this on a test run as well as my wallet (shifting from Midori Brown passport).

macatahaul12 macatahaul13

Along with the covers I also received five inserts: two unlined ones in passport size, two unlined in regular size, and a vertical weekly layout. The four unlined ones are stitch-bound while the vertical weekly is staple bound. All are covered with heavy kraft paper, and the inside paper is nicely thick and can probably take most inks well.


Here is a nice family photo of all three of my blue TNs. As you can see, the blue of the Macata Navy Blue is a bit brighter in hue while Midori is more muted.


Under sunlight the Navy Blue looks a lot more blue while the Midori looks quite blue-green here.

First impressions of the Macata TN


I’m really happy about how they look and feel. The material is smooth on the outside and the felt-like inside is nice. Aside from that I could not really say anything about them yet as I haven’t spent enough time using them. Right now, the personal size (as planner) and the passport size (as wallet) is undergoing the stress test by going around with me everywhere. I’ll be reviewing them in detail in about a month, to get a better feel of the performance of the TNs.

You can check out more of CN Papercraft’s TN products on their Facebook and Instagram.

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