Hobonichi A6 2016

Here it is! This is the planner I will be using for the entire 2016, which is quite the feat given that I have been changing layouts a lot for most of 2015. As I mentioned earlier, I am housing it in my Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6, which is perfectly sized for this particular planner.


I wanted to show you the various sections of the Hobonichi, although there have been lots of posts written about that already. But I particularly wanted to show you how I will be using each of them.


The first spread you will see is a 2-year overview for 2016-2017. This is a great place for a quick glance at the whole year. I intend to keep this spread mostly blank, encircling only the dates when the first day of my periods start.


Next we have a four-month spread, arranged in columns. Luckily it starts in December 2015, so I was already able to start using this section. Having the whole month in one column gives a great way to look at trends, so I will be using this to track my weight (red), the days I am able to publish a blog post (purple), and the days I am able to exercise (orange). Having only an outline of a square means that I had scheduled a post/exercise but was not able to follow through. These monthly columns go all the way until March 2017.


After the monthly columns comes the month-on-two-page spreads, again starting with December 2015. This will be mainly used as an events/appointments planner, as well as tracking of birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. At the bottom I wrote down my color coding key, which I use for both the monthlies and the dailies. This section continues yet again until March 2017.


The next section is the last two weeks of December, arranged in a two-days-per-page layout. I’ll just be using the same type of task-oriented planning that I’ve been using for the past two months. I would really have liked the whole December to be included, but at least the 16th is almost here and I can finally move fully into the Hobonichi as my sole planner.


After December, the actual day-per-page planner starts. At the beginning of each month is a page with a “Coming Up” section, which can really be used for anything. I’m planning a general reminder or something like a top-5 for each month to help me stay on track and not overlook any events or important tasks. The opposite page is a good representative of the daily pages of the planner, and a number flag is printed on the side to denote which month you are looking at. There is a moon phase at the top, as well as a list of (incomplete) countries celebrating a holiday on that day. At the bottom is a Japanese quote translated into English, and a month-at-a-glance calendar at the bottom. Distinctive to the Hobonichi is the fact that almost the whole page is just made of faint grids with a 12 printed on the left margin in the case that you wanted to use this as a time planner. I don’t, so I just ignore the whole margin thing.


We get another of those two-days-per-page similar to December at the end of the daily pages, for the first week of January 2017. After that comes about 9 pages of dot grid paper that can be used for notes or whatever purpose you want. It’s not apparent in this photo, but the dots are actually in red.


Finally we get to some random useful information at the end of the book.


I’m really quite excited to get going with the Hobonichi! It will be part of my 2016 goals to keep using this planner consistently for the whole year, which I’m very optimistic about now that I know how writing on Tomoe River paper feels!

Will you be using a Hobonichi for 2016 as well? How do you intend to use it?

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