Hobonichi Planning Practice in a TN insert

If you are not yet aware of what a Hobonichi is, do take a quick look at this link for a primer. Go on, I’ll be patient.

Ok, now that you’re a bit more familiar with a Hobonichi, I’d like to say that I’m very tempted to take the plunge and check out this system. My primary motivation is being able to try the Tomoe River paper that it is made of, as I’ve heard many great things about it. I’m thinking about checking out the A6 size. The thing to note about the Hobonichi A6 (and the Cousin too) is that the planner is laid out in a day-per-page format, and it’s basically just a blank page. It’s definitely going to be quite different from what I’ve been doing so far, and I haven’t at all tried a day-per-page planning.

Strangely enough, there aren’t really a lot of resources about using the Hobonichi as a planner. Definitely there are lots of examples of it being used as an art journal, daily journal, junk journal, basically journaling stuff. I was quite happy to find a detailed post about planning in a Hobonichi from Wabi With Sabi, and it gives me a bit more confidence in pushing through with trying out the system. Hobonichi isn’t cheap, though, so to doubly make sure that the system is something I can work with, I came up with a layout in a traveler’s notebook insert to help me “practice planning” in a Hobonichi-type system.

I chose to work with a passport-sized TN insert, in this case the Midori Refill 003 (blank pages), as I thought this would be closest in experience to the A6 size. The basic idea, of course, is to have a day-per-page layout. Prior to those pages though, I drew in a monthly calendar. I have done something like this for October, and it’s a no-brainer doing the same for November.


The actual bulk of the planner is the day-per-page system. The actual Hobonichi planners have a grid on each page, but since I’m working with a blank insert I just chose to label the date, month, and day of the week on the upper left corner of each page. Honestly this is the part that’s giving me the misgivings, because there’s no structure at all and it’s basically anything goes! And the A6 is going to be much bigger than this!


I’m super excited to try this out though! I like planning challenges, and this is definitely going to challenge me. Most definitely the main objective of this insert is to help me find out if I can plan with a Hobonichi A6, so I expect there will not be a lot of decorations. If there are left over space after the planning is done, that would be the time I can let myself put in my decorations.

Have you planned with a Hobonichi? Do let me know how you did it!

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