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On Instagram a few weeks back I teased about a new planner I was testing, and it’s the Hobonichi Weeks! One of my main issues with the Hobonichi Techo A6 is the fact that it can be on the heavy and thick side, especially if I use a leather cover. This weight and bulk keeps me from having it in my daily carry, but I still would like to have my daily planner in my EDC. I decided to go for the Weeks, since I read that it was much much lighter yet would still have the Tomoe River paper goodness that I like. Originally I was just planning to stick with the A6 and have it as a sort of desk planner instead of an EDC planner, and maybe switch over to the Avec version (the A6 split into two books basically) next year. Then I wondered if that might be a mistake, and I wanted to try out the Weeks anyway. I figured I’ll see if I can find someone selling their Weeks secondhand.

Luckily there was a girl willing to sell hers for a fair price. She had only used up to February and some of the note paper at the back, so it was still quite usable. It was a blue Weeks and came with a leather cover (made by Sunday Leather Craft actually!), but I wanted to use it on its own. I found out that I needed some sort of cover to have a penloop though, so I went and bought the Weeks Cover on Cover from Crafty Lane. This cover is super lightweight and barely made a dent in the weight of the planner.


The cover of the Weeks is actually quite stiff, almost hardcover compared to the A6. It works out quite nicely, since I would technically not need any additional covers to protect the planner. The Weeks came with this corner sticker already attached (by its previous owner), which was not so bad as I can slip in a few sticker sheets. The Cover on Cover also had a small pocket in front, where I put a card.


The first page is the yearly view of three years, from 2015 to 2017. There is barely any room to write here, so this is just for a reference for the years I think. There is a list of holidays on the bottom of the left page, but it’s in Japanese.


There is supposed to be a year-at-a-glance page that comes after but there’s already some writing from the previous owner, so unfortunately I will not be able to use that. The next few pages are the month-at-a-glance views that goes up to March 2017. There is quite ample writing space here for appointments and reminders, and even more space at the side and bottom for notes. I really like the fact that the week starts on a Monday.


The pages that come after the monthly views are the meat of the planner: the weekly views. The layout is basically a week-on-one-page horizontal with a notes page opposite the week. This is a little different than what I’m used to, and I needed to adjust how I lay out my task-based planning when I moved into this planner. I will show details of how I plan with the Weeks in another post, but basically I use the Wo1P for appointments and the notes page for my to-do list.


The weekly pages unfortunately ends abruptly at the last week of the year, so I cannot use this beyond January 1, 2017. Right after the weekly pages we get to the start of the Note pages. The left hand side is a list of writing shortcuts and abbreviations with space to put your own at the bottom, and the right hand side is a table of contents for the Note pages. As you can see, there are 71 note pages total. I had to use correction tape on the first two lines that the previous owner had used.


The previous owner actually used many pages of the Note area, and what I did was to glue them all together. This way I would be able to go straight to the first available page (14) where I started using the Note pages. Page 13 was actually used, but I didn’t want to glue it down and leave Page 14 unused, which seemed like a waste of paper. Instead I just used Page 13 to hold a few sheets of Post Its. Did I mention that this is still all Tomoe River paper?


Right after quite a good amount of Note pages, we go into some of the extra pages that Hobonichi likes to throw in at the end. Unfortunately they are all in Japanese, and I could only read very basic Japanese and could not understand these.


There are four pages of address book right near the end.


The last page is of course the information page. Again I had to use correction tape to erase the previous owner’s data and put mine in. You can also see the unique product code of this particular Weeks at the bottom right.


The back of the cover on cover, which I forgot to photograph, has a small secretarial pocket where I slip in a stencil. The penloop is also attached to the back, and I think this is probably the most important component of the cover on cover. It’s a nice, non elasticated plastic penloop that has ample room that can fit pens the size of the Platinum Preppy and maybe even a tad fatter.

In conclusion, after about a month of use, I have gotten the hang of planning with the Weeks. More importantly, I am able to keep it with me in my purse all the time because of the smaller weight. I am very happy with it at the moment, and hopefully I will remain happy with it until the end of the year.


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