How to Make Your Own Simple Planner Charm

A lot of us love to bling up our planners, and planner charms are the easiest way to add some interest to any TN or bound planner. For this tutorial we will be creating a simple metal charm.


We will need the following: jewelry pliers, a lobster clasp (or your chosen type of clasp), some small rings, and your chosen metal charm. Each of these items are available in craft stores and selected bookstores. You can use any type of clasp, but lobster clasps are the most convenient type.


The first step is to open one of the rings. The correct way to do it is to twist the ring so that the ends separate. Do not pull apart the ends as that will deform the ring.


Insert the lobster clasp and the metal charm. Make sure that the lobster clasp is facing the correct way, where it will end up with its opening facing the back of the metal charm.


And that’s it, basically! You will end up with your metal charm on a lobster clasp, ready to be attached to your planner. Note that you may need to insert one or two rings in between the metal charm and the lobster clasp, just to make sure that the charm will be laying flat when it is attached to the planner.

Once you master this basic technique, you can move on to adding other things such as connectors, beads, tassels, and other interesting stuff to your charm. One of my favorite things to do is to stack basic charms, so that the resulting charm looks nice and complicated and pretty. Check out some of the charms I have here.


The compounding charm technique is shown in the middle charm. There are two simple charms (teapot and matryoshka doll) hanging on the end of another simple charm (owl). The charm on the left shows how you can use beads and pendants to create wonderful danglies, and the one on the right is actually a bracelet made by my daughter that I transformed into a charm by tying the end of the thread to a lobster clasp. I hope that gives you some ideas on how to create your own beautiful planner charms!

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