Memory Keeping in a Traveler’s Notebook: Monthly View

One of the things I’ve always wanted to try in a traveler’s notebook is memory keeping. Not just plain journaling of everyday events (which I already do in my daily journal insert), but rather something more visual and leans a lot towards scrapbooking. There are a lot of inspiration in this regard, especially in Instagram, and at first it was quite overwhelming. I eventually settled on a monthly layout and I aimed to have a photo-a-day kind of memory keeping.

As I did not know what type of memory keeping I really wanted to have in the long run, I opted to draw my own layout instead of printing a predesigned insert. I also wanted to maximize the space for each photo, so I ended up with a sideways layout. Each day’s box is approximately 1×1.5″ (3×3.5cm) which made it very easy to remember.

At the end of each week I would choose a photo from my camera feed for each day, crop each to fit the box, print them all out at once on plain printer paper, and carefully cut and paste them into the boxes. The labels for the dates were made from pre-punched shapes that I made out of watercolor paper and painted myself.


Here is how the whole spread looks like at the end of the month. I really like how it turned out! It gives me a nice visual overview of the month, and I can see generally what I thought stood out for me for that month. I added the washi tape at the top and in the empty boxes after I have done the whole month. Here are some close up of each page.

memorykeepingoct2 memorykeepingoct3

As an added memory keeping, I used the next spread for “October Highlights”. I made myself the rule to not reuse photos that I used for the dailies, and I didn’t limit myself to a particular number of photos. I just chose what I thought was really memorable for me for the month of October, cropped them down to a reasonable size, and printed them all out in one batch. I felt free to decorate with stickers, washi tape, and pens, and I am generally happy about how it turned out.


In conclusion, I really enjoyed this exercise, and I can see myself continuing doing this for the next few months. In fact, the insert I used has enough pages to go through an entire year! It would be fun to look back at a year’s worth of memories in a visual manner, so I’m quite excited about that!

What type of memory keeping do you do in a traveler’s notebook?

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