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There has been a lot of buzz around the 10th Anniversary of Traveler’s Company, formerly branded as Midori. The two main releases here are the Camel color (then limited edition, now regular color of the passport and regular size traveler’s notebooks), and the limited edition Tins containing the traveler’s notebooks in the Mini size. I got both, but let me show you first the 10th Anniversary Tin. I got the blue tin, which contains the Camel Mini.


The tin itself is a marvel! It is beautifully and tastefully designed. When empty it’s really light, and the blue color is quite striking. The tin is just the right size to hold regular sized refills as storage, which is awesome. Upon opening, we are greeted with the one below. A plastic insert cradles three items: the actual traveler’s notebook package on the topmost, a matching TN charm in the middle, and some papers to make actual refills on the bottom.


Underneath the insert are the following: a specially made postcard self-addressed to the Travelers Company giving access to the 10th Anniversary Raffle (one of which prizes is the super rare White TN), a poster of the history of the company, an assembly guide, and a sheet of 10th Anniversary themed stickers.


Here again are the three contents on the plastic insert. I included a Pilot Coleto for size reference. You can see just how small the Mini TN is supposed to be!


Interestingly, the package of the Mini is the exact same as that of the regular sized package, down to the cotton bag and paper flier. Inside the cotton bag is the actual Mini TN.


The Camel color is gorgeous! It’s quite lighter than the brown Midori. It is stringed in the exact same manner as the regular or passport size, and the charm looks perfect in the band. The string hanging out from the top is supposed to be used to anchor the TN, to be used as an actual charm itself.


I assembled a few of the refills, and each refill has 5 sheets of paper, a cover with the Traveler’s Company logo, and a heavy kraft cover. The refill fits perfectly in the TN.


The back of the refill has the exact same details as the regular and passport size refills.


I of course experimented and found out that 2 refills is the perfect amount that the Mini can hold. Three is already overstuffing it, and begins to show overhang.


Here is the Mini beside the passport (also Camel!). As I said, the Mini is ridiculously tiny, and is really meant to be a charm itself.


The Mini on top of the Passport.


Here is the Mini acting like an actual charm.

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My Camel Mini on my Jitney!

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I preordered my Tin and my passport Camel from Crafty Lane. The items arrived after about two weeks. I really love this Mini even though to some degree it feels quite expensive (it does not cost too far away from a passport size). I attribute it to the fact that it’s a Limited Edition item.


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