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When I got the Blue, I immediately moved in to it from my previous setup in the Passport. That left me with the Passport not really doing anything, so I decided to see if I can turn it into a wallet. I’ve seen many others in the internet do something similar, and I was tickled with the idea that my notebook is actually my wallet. Here’s how it is currently set up as of July 2015.


One of the easiest components was the money-holder part. I knew that my Midori Refill 004 (zip pocket + card holder) would become the heart of the wallet: the zip pocket will hold the cash, and the card holder will hold, well, the cards. The challenge is determining what else I wanted in this wallet.


I ended up with basically two parts. The top (left) part is the wallet component and the bottom (right) part is the notebook component.


The wallet component is basically just two inserts. The inner one is the aforementioned Midori Refill 004, which holds my cash in the zip pocket and a couple of cards and some loose paper and a travel magnifying glass in the card holder.


The outer insert that is wrapped around the Midori Refill 004 is a felt 4-pocket card holder that I got with my Alunsina traveler’s notebook. It is actually a field notes sized TN, so this felt card holder is slightly too tall for the Passport, but I thought it’s not such a big deal. I wanted additional space for extra cards, so this went into the setup. It holds my driver’s license, my health card, and most-used merchant rewards cards.


The notebook component of the wallet is again composed of two inserts. The outer one is a yellow kraft folder that I got from a Planners and Journals kit, and it contains my medicine prescriptions (left pocket) and a set of neon page flags and some random loose paper (right pocket).


The inner insert is a Midori Refill 006, a monthly diary layout for the passport size TN. Here is where I use those neon page flags for events that are not yet 100% scheduled. I make sure to keep this updated from the larger monthly diary I have in the Blue, since this is the one that I carry everywhere. I also put a larger page flag on the side to denote the current month.


And that’s basically it! I am at present quite happy with the setup, and all in all these make for a TN wallet that is a smidge less than 1 inch thick. I also make sure I carry a small pen which is usually just slotted into the elastic band by its clip. I’m enjoying the fact that it does not look like a wallet from the outside, and yet it carries everything I need inside it in a very compact package.

I’d love to see your TN wallet setup as well! Drop your links to your photos or blog posts in the comments below!

11 thoughts to “Midori Passport as Wallet”

    1. Diba? I never realized I can actually have both a wallet AND a notebook at the same time! The things you learn from the internet no? Galeng!

  1. Hi! I just recently got myself a Midori Passport-size. This is my first TN, and was looking for set up ideas and saw your blog. Thank you for sharing yours.

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that brown felt-like card holder? Or did you make it yourself?
    Euri recently posted…AyumuMy Profile

    1. Hi Euri! The felt card holder came with another travelers notebook I have that a local artisan makes. You can find them at Facebook as “Alunsina Handbound Books”. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    1. I know right! I am looking for a fauxdori that can hold my phone as well, but they’re all expensive. 🙁 And all from foreign makers. 🙁

  2. Great post! I have the Regular TN and want to get the Passport soze. Now I have an idea what to do with it. Thanks! I’m just worried it’s a bit difficult to use /access as a wallet with those I-can-only-use-single-hand moments?

    1. It does take some getting used to. After a while I find that I can undo the outer elastic with one hand without any problems; the issue lies with undoing the zip pocket one-handed. To deal with this, I just sometimes leave the pocket unzipped, and take care not to put any coins in it to avoid dropping any.

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