Midori Passport Camel 2016 Version

Along with the 10th Anniversary Tin, I also got myself a Traveler’s Notebook in Passport size in the newly released regular color, Camel. Camel had once been a limited edition color, and was released in the 5th Anniversary of the Traveler’s Company (the edition was also called Star Ferry). Since then, the Camel has been a much sought after color and I did not at all think I would be able to get one. Fortunately, Traveler’s Company added the Camel color in their regular lineup (along with the Black and the Brown), so I was able to get myself one. I chose the passport size because I’m really  more of a tiny TN girl and my two regular Midori TNs (Black and Blue) are already more than enough for my large TN needs.


The Camel color is a really nice caramel looking shade. The leather is quite similar to the other colors, and as with the Brown, it retains scratches quite easily. Some are disturbed by this, but personally I am happy that my TNs obtain some character as they age. The enclosing elastic is basically the same shade as the TN.


The stamp at the back now reflects the new branding of the Traveler’s Company. The enclosing elastic of course still originates from the back.


Here is a shot of the whole leather. As you can see, it already has so many marks from the non-careful way I’ve been handling it.


Here is a shot of the inside of the leather. The feel of the inside is quite suede-ey, and also retains scratches easily. There is still the included bookmark, and the stringing of the inside elastics is still the Midori style.


Here is the Camel side by side with my older passport, the Brown. As you can see here, the Camel color is really so much lighter than the Brown, and is not as similar as I had originally feared. I have not changed the enclosing elastic of the Camel, but I probably would soon as I like the contrast like the one on the Brown.


Here is another shot of them together. The Brown is really such a dark shade that beside the Camel it appears almost black.

I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time with my new Camel passport TN. I even put in some of my pocket sized inserts even though it shows at the top and bottom. Again, I got this and the 10th Anniversary Tin from Crafty Lane on preorder.


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