Midori Traveler’s Notebook – A Few Months Later

It’s been about 9 months since I first got my first Midori, and I wanted to show you how they look like now.


My first Midori was the brown passport, and it’s roughly 9 months old. It’s been used on and off, and definitely used in the rough manner I usually treat my notebooks and wallets. What that means is that I just toss them into my purse, and grab them whenever I need them without regard to whether I am bumping or scratching them. This is one of the main criteria I use to choose what TN I use, if they have the ability to withstand rough handling. Check out how my Midori passport looks like now.


The marks of the rough handling can be clearly seen, but the actual surface isn’t rough or deeply gouged. The feel of the leather is almost smooth, and the color has deepened a little after 9 months.


The back shows the same amount of roughage. An interesting note here is that this still has the Midori branding on the lower left. Here’s a closer look at the marks on the front.


My next Midori acquisition was the limited edition Pan-Am, which I affectionately (and uncreatively) call Blue. This is about 6 months old, and has been used relatively frequently as well even though it does not go with me in my purse because of its size.


Of my three Midoris, this is probably the one that is most resistant to scratches. It’s still quite smooth, even though I’ve handled it quite roughly. The back shows the same amount of wear. This limited edition one has the new branding, Traveler’s Notebook, instead of the older Midori one.


Here’s a closer look at the scratches at the back.


My newest Midori is the regular sized Black, which is about 3 months old. This one is honestly the least used, not because it is the newest but because for some reason I feel a reluctance in handling it roughly. It’s an irrational feeling, but I’m a little bothered by the marks left by my charms here on the front. The rest of the notebook is otherwise unmarked.


The back has barely any marks. The branding here is the old one, which leads me to believe that I got one of the old stock.


Here’s a closer look at the marks left by the charms, which bothers me so much. It’s really irrational, because it’s made with the same quality of leather as the other two and should be just as sturdy. Additionally, Midori TNs are known for showing wear very nicely, so I really shouldn’t be bothered this much.



There we go, my current crop of Midori TNs a few months after they have been purchased. I don’t think I will be getting any more Midori TNs, unless they come out with a different leather color or maybe a good anniversary edition next year (2016).

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