My Current Alunsina Kislap Traveler’s Notebook Setup

It has not even been two months since I posted about my Moleskine planner setup, and now I’m writing about another planner setup. This time I finally got myself an Alunsina Kislap traveler’s notebook! It took a bit of time to ease into my current setup, as I tried out some combinations of books before I settled into this one. Here’s my Kislap:


I got the distressed brown leather cover and I had my name stamped in the lower right as well as the letter P in the middle center. I thought it was the most neutral of the available colors, and I am intending to bring this one everywhere, including into meetings so it needs to look business-like (note: the other two available colors at the time I ordered it are pink and sea green). I also chose the tree charm to go with the traveler’s notebook because it looked the most elegant of the four available charms. Do not be fooled by the photo above! This is actually quite small, about the size of the Moleskine pocket planner. Check out the size compared to my grip.


Warning: This is going to be pretty image-intensive as I go into a detailed tour of my current setup!

My current setup contains three notebooks plus pocket inserts. Here they look from the side. I’m happy that it doesn’t really bulge too much, and it looks reasonably compact and light.


Let’s dive in! When first opened, this is what greets us. The inside of the leather cover is actually some suede-looking surface.


This is actually a pocket insert that I made out of white card paper, and decorated with washi tape and stickers. The Kislap does not really come with big enough pockets for the stuff I want, though it does come with a 4-slot card felt pocket insert.


How did I make it? I just googled some midori diy inserts and found this and just followed it! I didn’t really even have to glue anything, since the way it’s folded keeps things together. In the inside flap I pasted a photo of healthy food I need to eat for my diabetes to keep me motivated. Inside this flap is, appropriately, my diabetes medicine prescriptions.

This whole thing is wrapped around a blank Alunsina notebook refill (hence the A on the cover). I didn’t really decorate the cover of the refill since I like how it looks, even the A. This refill is my weekly planner.


The layout of the planner is the same as I mentioned in the last Sunday Currently, basically a week-on-two-pages spread, with five days on the left side and Saturday and Sunday on the right with ample space for notes and other things. My washi tapes allow me a variable color scheme every week, which I really like. I also like using those magnetic bookmarks to mark the current week.

The back of this refill is what became my sticky note dashboard. I just put maybe three to five sheets of each, to keep things thin and manageable. The opposite side is of course the other side of the diy pocket insert, this time sparsely decorated with just a cat sticker and a strip of black washi with colorful hearts. Inside this pocket I have even more washi tape (wrapped around an old plastic card), blank loose paper, and some other ephemera.


Turning the page we will see the back side of the pocket insert, again made with white card paper and decorated with washi tape and stickers. We now come to the second book, which is a thin blank notebook I found in SM Stationery.


This is a loose notebook; it’s not really attached to the leather cover in any way. This is mostly because it’s actually too tall for the elastics, but it works out in the end. This serves as my diet guide/food diary, now that I have to watch what I’m eating. This notebook sometimes gets left at home or at my desk.


When removed from the notebook, we’ll reveal the last refill. Actually not yet, this is a second diy pocket insert that I made, this time from some nicely printed individual card paper for scrapbooking that I bought at Fully Booked.


This is wrapped around the last refill. In the front pocket holds the smaller of my sticker sheets.


The refill is actually a Venzi Flexy 2 notebook bought from either NBS or Powerbooks. It’s a lined notebook and a lot thicker than the Alunsina refills. I chose this because it seems perfect for the role I wanted it to play, which is to be the catch all for notes and journaling. As you can see here I prepared for transferring from my current journal (a black pocket Moleskine) by copying my journaling prompts. I also like using plastic animal clips for holding my notebook open. I got these from Saizen.


The back pocket holds my portable ruler/slim page flags.


At the very back of the traveler’s notebook is a built-in pocket that can actually accommodate another refill if I so wanted. I decided not to in this case since I already chose a thick refill for my journaling. Instead, I have a couple of stiff patterned cardboard in there.


The first has my period tracker. The second is just blank for now, and serves as a backup for any purpose I may think. These cards are from the Toys R Us stickers that I use.


Before I end, I’d like to share a trick. For the longest time the question of where to put the elastic holding the whole traveler’s notebook closed when I want to write stumped me. It took me quite a while to figure it out. Basically you need to wrap that small bit of leather around the spine of the whole notebook like below, and the whole thing will lie flat and make it easy to write on.


There we have it! Whew! I’m really hoping this setup will last for more than the short two months that I had with the Moleskine. I’m definitely happy about the size of it, and this will fit into almost any bag I use. I also like the fact that it’s highly customizable, and there are a lot of diy inserts that I can do. The smell of the leather is lovely, and the leather itself is going to look better as it ages.

10 thoughts to “My Current Alunsina Kislap Traveler’s Notebook Setup”

    1. It does look chubby, but it’s only about an inch thick (2.6cm to be exact; YES, I measured, haha!). It’s not too bad, I think! The look of it is really classy and old timey, just the way I want. 😀

  1. I’m really thinking if it was really the real leather but anyway I ordered it 😀 I think I learned about Alunsina when you posted it on your social media before XD but cannot order once since I currently have a different planner before.

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