My Diabetic Journey: 15 Months

The last time I updated on my diabetes, it was the first anniversary of my diagnosis and generally I was not feeling very hopeful about things. I have hit a plateau, and I didn’t really see any other adjustments I can do to start bringing down my numbers.

The quarterly wellness check came up in early May, and I held my breath for the results.


Holy amazeballs! I have been able to actually hit normal levels for all of the numbers! After a long, grueling fifteen months, I’ve finally reached safe levels for both my fasting blood sugar and my triglycerides! What an amazing surprise that was! My doctor was just as happy as I was.

What led to this? I could not really pinpoint it, but I did get a more regular frequency of exercise (usually badminton and some dance classes at my gym) and consciously chose to eat on the healthier side. I also attempted a diet delivery service (Gourmet Kusina, if you’re interested) for a couple of weeks, although that was a bit hard to get used to. I got the 1200-calorie plan, and I kept feeling like I wanted to eat maybe twice what I got for most of the first and second weeks. It definitely takes some getting used to, but I’m glad to say that the food is mostly tasty. I’m planning to get the shorter plans (3 days per week) for the coming weeks, just to get my body used to that level of consumption.

My doctor did not reduce my blood sugar maintenance medicine, so it is still at the maximum safe dosage for the next few months. He did adjust the medicine that targets my triglycerides, reducing the frequency to only every other night instead of every night. He said he will start reducing my blood sugar maintenance meds by next quarter if I can keep up these numbers. I’m very excited about this development! I really really want to get off the meds eventually.


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