My Diabetic Journey: Months 3-6

So, it’s time to document an update to my diabetic journey, as I’ve now reached my 6th month mark since my diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. (Read my first entry here!) As per my doctor’s orders, I got another round of blood tests (with fasting!) and the results came in. Let’s get straight to the numbers!


The first and happiest part of this table is the fact that my fasting blood sugar and HbA1C continued to go down and are in fact very close to the normal levels! This means that I’m still responding well to treatment, and I need a bit more push and I can be declared normal. However! Achieving normal sugar levels does not mean I am no longer diabetic. Diabetes is a lifelong disease and still needs to be addressed and managed. It only means that I am then less likely to contract diabetic complications, which is of course quite a good thing.

The bad part about this table is the fact that my triglycerides have gone up again. This basically means that I have not been eating quite as well and have allowed fats to enter my diet. The doctor said that coupled with my liver ultrasound results (fatty liver), this is a big concern that needs to be addressed immediately. An increase in fiber intake and a decrease in fatty food, along with an increase in exercise, should help lower the numbers. In addition my HDL (good cholesterol) continues to remain low even if my LDL (bad cholesterol) is within normal tolerance. This confirms the fact that I really need to up my exercise game.

What has changed during this second 3-month period? My doctor has put me on a higher dose of Metformin basically, but the rest of my lifestyle has remained the same. Of course I will admit that I did slip a little and started eating more pork and beef, and maybe even indulged in fried food here and there. My exercise level remained the same, and I still did not touch much sugar (Splenda is my bestfriend).

One thing I’d like to mention about diabetes: it also increases the chances of getting infection because it weakens the immune system (or, that the immune system is already compromised to begin with). This led to two multi-day hospital stays so far since my last post (!!!) – one from stomach issues and one from throat infection/tonsillitis. It has never been so clear to me that I need to be really careful and stay healthy, because it’s so much easier to get sick now.

On the bright side, I’m now down about 11 pounds total. This is again not such a great amount, but I am so much closer to my target weight that I feel very happy. A little more, and my BMI will be in normal range! Woo!~

Thank you for reading along and journeying with me!

4 thoughts to “My Diabetic Journey: Months 3-6”

    1. I am hoping that’s the case! I forgot to mention that my doctor immediately put me on a dose of vitamin C because apparently I’m missing that one and may have contributed to lowered immunity. >_<

  1. Didn’t know Diabetes weakens the immune system. I’ve only been self-testing with strips and my blood sugar is usually at the 96 to 100 mg/dl mark. Although there are a few times in the morning (1 hour postprandial), I reach 120+. But I feel like I’m more sickly lately compared to before last tuesday and yesterday I had a fever. Must be the weather.
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    1. Better have a comprehensive blood test just to be sure. I took the one that requires fasting (for the FBS, fasting blood sugar) and also the HbA1C test as well. In my opinion, it’s better to know for sure and then plan from there. 🙂

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