My Eyebrow Brush Collection

Once I became hooked with fixing up my very sparse brows, I started collecting the lower-end eyebrow brush (sometimes called slanted eye brush or angled eyeliner brush) to apply my brow powders. Here are the ones I got so far, presented in no particular order.


1. Shawill eyebrow brush

I got this on a whim when I saw this at a Watsons. Unfortunately it was not very good. The bristles are so stiff and scratchy, and as a result I only ever used this once.

2. (no brand) eyebrow brush

This was included in the Myra BB Cream press kit, and is basically just a black-handled, gold-ferruled eyebrow brush. The bristles are soft, but sheds quite readily when washed. It’s on the short side, so this is very portable.

3. Artist Studio slanted eye brush

This is my first ever eyebrow brush, and still has the original bronze ferrule. The bristles are soft and short, but firm and will create a good line if used as eyeliner. This is still one of my favorites, even if it’s a full sized brush and not very portable.

4. Charm Vegan Angled Eyeliner brush (full sized)

I bought this from Eula at her moving sale. It is a full sized eyebrow brush with the distinctive pink Charm handle and black ferrule, and the bristles are soft yet firm. I like this a tad better than the Artist Studio brush because this feels sturdier and I like the feel of the bristles.

5. Charm Angled Brow Liner brush (travel sized)

This also came from the package I bought from Eula. I think this originally is from the Charm Pocket Brush set, which is a set of eight travel sized brushes in the pink-and-black Charm theme. The bristles are different from the full sized one I have, though, as it is darker in color and softer in feel. Since it’s smaller, it also holds less powder when used so it takes almost twice as long to apply eyebrow powder. It is portable though!

6. Marionnaud N38 Eye brush

Lastly I got this along with the Shawill brush on a trip to Watsons. This is my only double-ended eyebrow brush, and this one comes with a spoolie. The brush itself is quite soft, perhaps the softest one I have. This yields the softest lines of all the eyebrow brushes I have. The spoolie is quite stiff and scratchy though, so that one doesn’t get much use.


None of these are expensive. The full sized Charm brush is the most expensive one, I think, at Php250. What eyebrow brush do you use?

PS. I hope you’re all safe and dry with RubyPH here.

2 thoughts to “My Eyebrow Brush Collection”

  1. I owned the one from artist studio, it’s really good (but it shed on me).

    Now I only have the one from marionnaud, ok na din yung spoolie, I just use a light hand na lang.

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