My Favorite Washi Tapes

I’m a big fan of washi tape. My big box of them attests to this obsession. I do, however, have favorites among them, and I wanted to show them off to you. I chose the seven rolls that I know I will miss the most if all washi tape in the world disappeared tomorrow.


Here’s a view of the tapes rolled out, so you have a better idea how they would look like in use.


The first three washi tape come from the same MT slims set, and I really like them because the black-and-white theme is very classy and can be used for many ways. The next two are of course cat themed washi, and these two happen to be my favorite – one is black-and-white themed cat silhouettes, and the other black cats with red hats which are probably meant to be for Christmas. The next one is a cloud-and-heart-on-mint that really looks nice and premium. Finally the one at the bottom is a wide MT tape, and it’s just books, books, and more books!


These are really lovely washi tapes, and I’m torn between just hoarding them for really special occasions or just using them up because after all, they’re the best in my eyes! As a refresher, here are some of the ways I use washi tapes.

Do you have favorite washi tapes? Let me know which ones!

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