My Strangest Pen

We all have that one pen, the pen that onlookers would go, “what IS that?!”. For me, it turns out to be the Stabilo EasyOriginal, and it is this pen.


As you can see, it looks really different from conventional pens. The idea behind the EasyOriginal is simply ergonomics. The pen is designed to fit the hand perfectly, lending to comfort of writing. There are two versions of this: the one for right-handed people (R) and the one for left-handed people (L).


There are grooves in the right places to place the thumb and the index finger, and also a groove at the back to rest on the crook of the hand. I think the main idea of the EasyOriginal is a starter pen (or pencil) for kids, to teach them how to hold a writing instrument properly.


The pen itself comes in four parts. The cap is a screw-on type that covers the pen tip securely. The grip section is rubberized, and has the indentations for the thumb and index finger as I mentioned earlier. The tail of the pen screws off to reveal the place where the pen refills go in. Yes, indeed, this pen is a refillable pen too! The pen refill itself is quite interesting, with a rollerball that feels very much like a felt-tip and writes smoothly like a gel pen.


The resulting line looks like a 0.5 line, and is very smooth and cool on the eyes. The ink is quite pigmented, and has a tendency to show or even bleed through the other side of a lesser quality paper. I really like writing with this pen, and the ergonomic factor makes it really comfortable for long writing sessions.


I actually got this pen in the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam during one of my business trips, and I got it simply because it looked very strange. I didn’t expect to like it this much! I had been sort of hoarding the ink and not using it much for fear of running out of refill without a way to get more, but happily enough I have seen EasyOriginals in National Bookstore recently. I’m hoping that eventually they’ll bring in refill packs as well.


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