Nails: Afternoon Tea

This is quite delayed, but I do want to show you swatches of the Afternoon Tea collection of Dazzle Dry. If you will recall from the unboxing, there are four shades in the Afternoon Tea collection: Forget Me Not, Petit Four, Spearmint Tea, and Strawberry Macaron, . Here again are the shades in their sample-sized bottles:


I started swatching the last two shades, Spearmint Tea and Strawberry Macaron. Here they are, I made a mani out of it with opposite accent nails.

Ddaftea1 Ddaftea3

Spearmint Tea is a nice teal, while Strawberry Macaron is a dainty pink. I like how glossy they came out. The Dazzle Dry system (nail prep, base coat, and top coat) make it very durable; I’ve worn this mani for a whole week without noticeable chipping. More importantly, Dazzle Dry really dries fast! They claim to dry rock hard in 5 minutes, but the heat in Manila makes it dry even faster.

I loved the experience so much that I made bold to try nail art on the other two shades, Forget Me Not and Petit Four. I just wanted to try a simple dotting experiment, but alas I didn’t have a dotting tool. I just took some sewing pins and used the round pinheads to dot the lacquer. The dots turned out to be rather large, but I thought it wasn’t too bad for a first try! Check it out:

Ddaftea4 Ddaftea5

Forget Me Not is a true blue, while Petit Four is a nice apricot shade (almost orange, really). Again, notice how glossy it came out. Very pretty! I’m a convert to DD now, definitely!

Do check out Dazzle Dry Philippines’ online store. They are currently having a Mother’s Day sale, hurry while stocks of your favorite colors last!

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