Nails: Blue Tiger

After that debacle with the red french tips, I decided to try a different experiment. This time, I wanted to try some tiger stripes. The theory seemed pretty simple: just paint alternating long narrow triangles on the sides of the nails. I got the inspiration from Super Gorgeous. For this I decided to use Dazzle Dry Forget Me Not for the base, and Sahara for the stripes.


I used my BK detailing brush to paint the tiger stripes. It was actually a bit more difficult than it looks. I realized about 8 nails in that I was putting too much pressure on the brush, resulting in a triangle with a line in the middle. I had to paint over that line again to create a solid triangle. The results aren’t that horrible though. Check it out.


There’s evidence of that phantom line in some of the triangles, most notably the topmost one in the middle finger. I do like how it turned out. Forget Me Not and Sahara go well with each other, resulting in a vibrant nail art. It was no accident that I wore a lot of blue outfits while I had this on my nails.

Here’s another shot of the nails.


What do you think? I would love to get your feedback!

5 thoughts to “Nails: Blue Tiger”

  1. noooooooo it didnt post. ang haba nung sinulat ko haha. ok … this nail polsh reminds me more of the beach even tho its tiger skin pattern. and btw pat do you know the big foreign blog that host themed nail arts everyday. for ex they recently had movie theme contest and people made nemo / harry potter nail arts. the winner gets a prize too πŸ˜€

    1. Yeah I didn’t see the long post. πŸ™ I’m not sure if I know this foreign nail blog but I’d like to follow it! Do you remember the name?

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