Nails: Caronia over the holidays

Over the holidays I received a nice package from Caronia Philippines, and as usual it never fails to induce me to try out the included nail polishes! Let me show you what I got.


These first two shades are the first ones I tried because they’re green! Goddess is a very muted carpet green while Lounge is a more sparkly leaf green.

caroniaholiday2 caroniaholiday3

Trance is a very sparkly violet.


Finally, Gold Rush is a very beautiful metallic gold which actually appears like a light copper. This is my favorite!


A little note about Caronia’s formula. It seems that it is much improved, as all of the above took only two coats. They dry faster than I remember too, which is a huge plus for me! Gold Rush is definitely a winner. Thank you again Caronia Philippines!

PS: Happy 2015 guys! May this year be a great one for you!

3 thoughts to “Nails: Caronia over the holidays”

  1. Caronia is, at least, getting better and better. I remember the bottles from the 90s. UGH. Totally unworkable! I don’t know if we got bad bottles but the texture was so uneven and the colors never went opaque.

    1. I remember it was already different from the two-years-ago-versions! I like the way they’re upgrading their formulas. Before it used to take sooooo long to dry.

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