Nails: Daisy Yellow

I’m gonna cheat a little and add a tiny haul here as well. I was looking for more shades to try with my trusty OMG Matte Potion, but I noticed that the shades in my current polish collection don’t particularly go well as a matte shade. I decided to go back and get more OMG seeing as Mojito looks quite great as matte.

Omgyellow1Omgyellow2I found these two shades, each costing only Php17.75.

Omgyellow3The blue one is Atlantis. It is a bright blue, sort of a dark baby blue.

Omgyellow4The one I’m featuring today is the yellow one, Banana Boat. It’s a bright pastel yellow that’s perfect for summer.

Omgyellow5Here is Banana Boat alone (no top coat yet).

Omgyellow6And here is Banana Boat topped with the Matte Potion. I love how smooth the surface looks, and the brightness of the yellow is undiminished even as a matte color.

Do you like it? You can find OMG polishes at Landmark Trinoma (where I bought mine). That is also where I found the Matte Potion, but they have always been out of stock recently.





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