Nails: Dots and dots and dots

Pardon the very boring title. Perhaps I used up all the creativity I had in this mani, and none left for the title. Dots there definitely are, though.


I used two coats of Dazzle Dry White Lightning for the base here, then Electrifying, Heart of Fire, and Strawberry Macaron for the dots.


I used the bent head of my dotting tool. First I put in the four dots of Electrifying across the middle of all the nails, then the three dots of Heart of Fire, then finally the two dots of Strawberry Macaron. Top coat went over all of it. I conclude that dots are much much easier to do than lines. I really should go look into acrylic paints.


This red background emphasizes the dots.


I’m not sure what this black background emphasizes.

What do you think? Not a pretty difficult mani, don’t you agree?


8 thoughts to “Nails: Dots and dots and dots”

  1. this is cute πŸ™‚ i like the color combination that you used. im really interested in seeing your bent dotting tool? im looking for one myself πŸ™‚ do you have a review on it maybe or a close up picture?

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