Nails: Etude House Ice Cream Nails

These are just the darlingest things! Etude House released their newest line, Sweet Recipe, and part of this collection is Ice Cream Nails. This is a set of glitter nail polish housed in adorable ice cream cone-shaped bottles. They come in four “flavors”: Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Stars Candy, Mint Chocochip, and Apricot Candy. I got the last two.


These are actually pretty small bottles as both fit snugly in my hand at the same time. The ice cream cone handle is a little awkward to work with, but the brush is pretty good.


This is Apricot Candy. It has big multicolored round glitter suspended in a nude base color. This is not actually as good an idea as it sounds, because the nails look kind of dirty due to the glitter being sparse and unevenly distributed. I’d say this is the weaker of the two flavors I bought, if not of the whole collection.


On the other hand, Mint Chocochip is a bunch of big dark-colored hexagonal glitter with small round glitter and pink square glitter suspended in a mint green base. It looks bright and very summer appropriate, in addition to actually evoking its flavor name. I definitely like this better than Apricot Candy.

If I understand correctly, this is a limited edition collection so it won’t be around forever. I do plan on getting the other two shades to complete the collection. Each bottle costs Php178 and is available in Etude House branches.

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