Nails: Four Dazzle Dry Shades

It’s been almost a month since I bought them, but it’s only now that I’ve finally been able to swatch the Dazzle Dry lacquers I acquired during the Mother’s Day Sale.

As a reminder, here are the four shades I bought: (L-R) Lavender Parade, Polar Jade, Sahara, White Lightning

Ddbox3 Ddbox4

Let’s start with White Lightning. It’s a very opaque and true white, with a creamy and thick formulation. It’s a little streaky so I used two coats here. I bought this shade mainly for future nail art. Many nail art I’ve seen use a white base.

ddswatch1 ddswatch2

This next shade is Sahara. It’s a deep yellow that’s also very creamy, thick but not as much as White Lightning. I used two coats as well. I love this very bright shade and I can’t wait to make (belated) summery nail art with this!

ddswatch4 ddswatch3

This one is Lavender Parade, and is my second favorite of the lot. It’s a perfect lavender shade and very girly and demure. It’s light enough to be worn to the office even if it’s not a nude shade. I used two coats here.

ddswatch6 ddswatch5

Last and definitely not the least is Polar Jade. I fell in love in just one swipe of the brush! It’s a beautiful frosted deep green, with faint but visible silver shimmers. This has a great opaque formula that I only needed one coat. It’s probably going to come out a stronger green with more layers. Polar Jade is love.

ddswatch8 ddswatch7

There you have it! Each of these lacquers regularly costs Php450 at Dazzle Dry’s (new) store, but they have a sale until the end of May which drops the price to Php399. I’m actually tempted to get a few more bottles, I love DD that much!

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