Nails: Lesson #2 A Line

This is my second nail “art” using the new batch of Dazzle Dry polishes I bought. This time I used Strawberry Macaron as base and Heart of Fire for the line.

nailslines2 nailslines1

I used this BK Nail System striping brush. I bought this again from Landmark, Trinoma for about Php69. It is my first time handling this tool and it was difficult making a straight line. This is my left hand and you can already see that it’s not that straight. My right hand is worse! But! The only way to get better at this is to practice, and I would like to share with you my journey.

nailslines3 nailslines4

What do you think?

5 thoughts to “Nails: Lesson #2 A Line”

  1. i tried looking for a tool like this yesterday in SM southmall but the sales ladies couldn’t find one. i thought that was odd. was expecting it to be a common item. cute colors on your nails 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting, Shayne! Yeah I also tried looking for nail art tools in SM Makati, but they didn’t have any. Landmark might be where it’s at.

  2. It’s because of doing nail art that I’m training myself to be ambidextrous! Hahaha! You can get different kinds of nail art brushes from Landmark. SM dept stores or Watsons doesn’t have them sometimes. 😛

    1. I know! I really should start learning to be ambidextrous as well. The reason I’m posting all of my nail art experiments is to have a visual record of my progress as well. 🙂

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